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9 Things You Should Never Take for Granted ...

By Jordin

In life, there are a few things you should never take for granted. I would like to clarify before getting started that I realize there are many people who may read this post and have had and lost some of the things on this list. There may even be a few who read this post that may have never even had some of the blessings listed here today. To those I would like to offer my condolences. And to the others reading this post, may you ever value and love these things you should never take for granted!

1 Children

I chose children as one of the first things you should never take for granted for my list because a child is a precious thing. Many people try for years to conceive or adopt without success. If you have a sweet child in your life today, hug him or her and hold that sweetheart close!

2 Health

I wanted to include health on my list of things you should never take for granted, because life truly is a fragile thing. Health is fleeting, and can be compromised easily due to lifestyle choices or fatal accidents. If you have your health, treasure it and do what you can to maintain it!

3 A Home

There are many people in this world who don’t have a home to their name. Living on the street is not something that any of us would choose, but unfortunately some of us are dealt a hard blow in life. If you have your own home or a place to live, please do not take it for granted! It may not be a palace, but it’s a place to rest your head.

4 Food

Does it seem strange to you that I’ve included food on this list? Food is a basic necessity of life, and sadly, there are many who go without. It’s very easy to take food for granted, because most of us eat 2-3 times a day. Consider yourself blessed if you have food for your belly on a regular basis and don’t need to worry about where your next meal will come from!

5 Your Job

How many of us complain daily about our job and how we despise it so? It may not be without its downfalls, but in reality, if you lost that job, you would quickly realize how important it was. If your job isn’t ideal, or you don’t enjoy it, search for something that you do love! In the meantime, remember not to take your job for granted!

6 Living Relatives

I consider myself fortunate to still have nearly all my close relatives healthy and alive. Many people my age have lost parents or grandparents due to health issues. I try not to take a single day for granted with my living relatives!

7 A Vehicle

Here is something else that may seem trivial, but having a car to drive really makes life easier, doesn’t it? Without a mode of transportation, you’re stuck either paying for taxi and bus fare, walking everywhere, or relying on the generosity of others to drive you around. If you have a car, no matter how old or beat up it is, don’t take it for granted!

8 Modern Conveniences

How many times do we walk into a room and flip on the light without a second thought? Or load up the washer or dryer and don’t even stop to wonder what we would do without it? Modern conveniences make life much easier. Next time you make a phone call, remember not to take modern conveniences for granted!

9 Friends

Friends are so important to just about each and every person in the world! Without friends, life can be a lonely walk. If you have a few good friends to call your own, remember to treat them right and not to take them for granted!

I could go on and on with this list, because we all truly have so many things in life to be grateful for. Even if there are a few items on this list that you don’t have, or have had and lost, you can look around and find so many other things in your life that should not be taken for granted! What things do you consider to be important not to take for granted in life?

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