7 Things No Woman Should Be Shamed for ...


There are some things no woman should be shamed for, even though society can be incredibly judgmental and will try to shame her anyway. If you've ever been criticized for the way that you dress or the job that you have, you shouldn't let the comments bother you. As hurtful as they are, they're valueless and should be ignored. Here are some of the things no woman should be shamed for:

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Her Job

If you want to be a stay at home parent with ten kids, it's fine. If you want to be a business woman who works in her office all week, it's fine. The career path that you decide to take is one of the things no woman should be shamed for. You're in charge of your own life, so you should do whatever you need to do to be happy or financially secure. How you earn money is really no one else's business.


Her Outfits

Some women like to show off their skin by wearing crop tops and miniskirts. Other women like to wear sweatpants and hoodies. The clothing that a woman wears has no correlation to her value or to her promiscuity. Dress how you like to dress, and don't let nasty comments make you change.


Her Sexuality

It doesn't matter whether you're straight, gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender or anything else. Your sexuality isn't important, because we're all human. If anyone ever tries to shame you for your sexuality, ignore them. Surround yourself with decent people who actually accept you.


Her Weight

A scale doesn't determine a person's worth. All it does is tell them a number that helps them pick out clothes. If someone shames you for being too skinny or too heavy, cut them out of your life. Your weight is your own business, so deciding whether you want to lose or gain some pounds it is all up to you.


Her Hobbies

If a woman loves ballet and the color pink, she shouldn't be made fun of for being girly. If a woman likes baseball and the color blue, she shouldn't be made fun of for being a tomboy. You're allowed to enjoy any hobby, regardless of your gender. Don't let the fact that you're a woman stop you from doing something that you love.


Her Number

A lot of people judge women by the number of men that they've been with. Of course, that's a ridiculous thing to care about. If you're dating someone, then yes, your number is somewhat important. But if you're not involved with them sexually or romantically, why should they care about what you've been up to in your free time?


Her Gender

Simply being born a woman is something that we are occasionally shamed for. That's why the sayings "you hit like a girl" and "man up" should be banned from your vocabulary. Being a woman is an amazing thing, not something to be ashamed of.

You can't change the way that people treat you, but you can change the way you view yourself. If anyone shames you for something they shouldn't, don't let it bother you. If you do, then you're giving them power that they don't deserve. Have you ever been made fun of for one of the things on this list?

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#4 "A scale doesnt determine a persons worth. All it does is tell them a number that helps them pick out clothes." :)

Great article I also would've added women shouldn't be shamed for their body types bc there's a lot of that going around. Many women struggle with scars, or they don't have the clearest skin or a certain body shape which can make others feel insecure.

In a traditional binary straight relationship, terms such as "hit like a girl" are more a celebration of our gender based differences, than they are a put down. I love to hear most such terms, when someone is talking about me. I hit like a girl because I am a girl and wouldn't change that for anything or anyone. OTOH I do see relationships, often parental, where such terms are used in a hurtful way, and I deplore that. I have called more than one parent out for it. As a public school teacher, I feel it's my duty.

I also agree with #7. Saying "You hit like a girl." is a complement! :)

I doubt many women have got through their lives without these comments. Very good article!

I've been judged by the number of men I've been with. I think that's number 6.

It took me forever to except that I was pansexual especially in a homophobic family

Been talked down to for being due on my period .. Also accused of talking nonsense because of pmt when not even that time yet ... Very bad attitude to woman

Transgender doesn't belong in sexuality, it's gender not sexual attraction. Thought I would mention, cause a lot of transgirls find it offensive and a sensitive wording issue.

I always being shamed with my height.. I ani't tall enough

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