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Fab Tips for Embracing Who You Are ...

By Alicia

It’s easy to look at other women and envy their looks. Most of us do it at one time or another. If nothing else, we at least admire the beauty of others. But, a better thought is to find positive ways to embrace what you, yourself were born with.

1 Realize You Have a Unique Beauty

Realize You Have a Unique Beauty I think beauty vlogger Anna Saccone is absolutely stunning. I would love to have her exotic beauty! But I never will so those thoughts are absolutely wasted. It’s far better for me, and all of you, to realize we have a unique beauty of our own. Unless you’re an identical twin, no one else has your exact appearance. We each have our own look and that’s something to appreciate.

2 Accept What You Can’t Change

Accept What You Can’t Change We can change a lot of things about ourselves. Our weight, hair color, style of clothing and makeup are all some examples of those. But there’re also a lot of things we can’t change, at least without major surgical intervention. Give yourself the gift of acceptance. Accept yourself for who you are and realize that you’re pretty spectacular just the way you are.


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3 Evaluate What You’ve Got to Work with

Evaluate What You’ve Got to Work with After accepting the things about yourself that you can’t change and may not love, it’s time to think about what you do love. For example, I love having blonde hair and blue eyes. I also love having delicate features. Rest assured, there’re many things I don’t like about myself! But I’ve learned to focus on what I love and work with that. You can and should do the same thing!

4 Remember That You Notice Your Flaws More than Anyone else Does

Remember That You Notice Your Flaws More than Anyone else Does More than likely, the things you dislike most about yourself are going unnoticed by others. We’re almost always our own worst critic. Realize that your flaws stand out much more to you than they do to others. Even supermodels have things they’re self-conscious about. Since they’re some of the most attractive people in the world, that’s a good hint we should all just chill a bit.

5 Shift the Focus

Shift the Focus You have a lot of power in your appearance. It’s all about learning what you want to bring attention to and what you want to downplay. You always want to downplay the things you’re self-conscious about. On the flip side, you want to play up the things you love about yourself. It’s a balancing act that pays off huge.

6 Get Some Perspective

Get Some Perspective Sometimes the very thing you dislike about yourself is what someone else admires. It’s good to keep this in mind. It can help give you perspective when you need it. For example, I’ve always admired women that have square shaped nails instead of round like my own. My daughter has square shaped nails but has always wished for round ones. Sometimes the things we’re hung up on are only a matter of personal opinion instead of a true flaw.

7 Love Yourself!

Love Yourself! Lastly, the best way to embrace what you were born with is to love yourself! We’re all so hard on ourselves. We need to change that mindset. We need to love ourselves and appreciate all the special things that’re uniquely us. This’s a gift you can give yourself every day of your life.

These tips can help you to embrace what you were born with in a beautiful way. What do you love about yourself? Please share!

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