Savvy Ways to Be Confidently and Emotionally Stable ...

By Neecey

Savvy Ways to Be Confidently  and Emotionally Stable  ...

If you lack inner power, dealing with difficult life situations can be a struggle. It’s not a case of being weak – it just means your emotions have more control over you than you have over them. Being mentally strong and emotionally stable gives you an anchor for your confidence and helps you achieve your goals. If you need some help in this department, try these ways to be more confident and emotionally stable:

1 Form Your Own Views

A good way of how to achieve emotional stability is to strive to form your own views and opinions on things instead of latching on to somebody else’s beliefs. The way this can make you more confident and emotionally stable is that you will not have to rely on getting facts and talking points from your friends or family, and therefore will be able to have a perfectly good conversation about a topic even if you are asked at short notice.

2 Have a Sense of Humor

A sense of humor can be a magical thing when it comes to being confident and stable. Having the ability to make other people laugh can put others at ease, which in turn will help you to feel settled and at peace within yourself. Also, having a humorous, positive outlook on life will help you to see that some things are not as drastic or upsetting as they might seem.

3 Don’t Be Afraid to Embarrass Yourself

You should try your best not to get too preoccupied with trying not to look silly. At the end of the day, those who are always on the defensive in every situation tend to stand out without even meaning to. Letting your inhibitions go and not being afraid of the prospect of light embarrassment will take a huge weight off of your shoulders and can lead to a boost in confidence.

4 Plan Your Days

If your lack of confidence and emotional stability stems from a nervousness about getting through the day, then one way of lessening this anxiety would be to sit down the night before and physically plan out the next day’s events in a list type fashion. Having this list to look at during the day to let you know how much you have achieved can be a real confidence booster as the hours go by.

5 Don’t Take on Too Much

It’s a true statement that people who don’t have the best confidence and emotional stability are generally the kind of people who take on too much because they hate to tell somebody no. If this sounds like you, then you need to really try to learn to manage and accept your responsibilities in a way that doesn’t put too much pressure on your life.

6 Don’t Sweat the Things You Can’t Change

Everybody gets worried about the intricacies of their own lives, but the worry needs to stop when it comes to situations that you absolutely know that you cannot have any impact on either way. Worrying about these things only heaps more pressure and instability on your mind for no potential positive outcome.

7 Learn to Move Forward

It can be hard to move on from any given period in life, but if it is this period, a job or a relationship, for example, that is at the heart of your emotional trouble, then you need to summon the strength to step out of the cycle and force yourself to move forward in to what could be a more positive and happy time in your life.

This isn’t easy. If it were we’d all be completely in control of our emotions and anchored by our inner confidence. But you can do it if you put in the effort – yes? Ready to start?

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