10 Surefire Ways to Keep Your Motivation High for a More Productive You ...


10 Surefire Ways to Keep Your Motivation High for a More Productive You ...
10 Surefire Ways to Keep Your Motivation High for a More Productive You ...

Ladies, I'm here with some ways to keep your motivation high.

As the colder weather approaches, less physical activity will get done. Our time will probably be spent snuggling up by the fire watching those Holiday Hallmark movies.

But this doesn’t mean we have to compensate our health. Here are my 10 best ways to keep your motivation high all year long.

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human behavior, Find people who fuel your fire. Create a group chat, a Facebook page, or some sort of way to keep in touch all the time. Create workout reminders for each other daily. This will help you track and monitor each other from wherever you are and is one of the most enjoyable ways to keep your motivation high.



Each day make it a point to write out 5-10 things about yourself in a positive light. After each workout, write a journal entry about what you did well and why you enjoyed it.


Get Creative

joint, shoulder, physical fitness, physical exercise, arm, Mix up what exercises you incorporate into each workout. This allows your body to experience different movements. This will also make sure you don’t get bored. Change is a good thing when it comes to exercise.


Incorporate Meditation

art, cartoon, vertebrate, illustration, organism, Everyone needs mental breaks every now and then. Bringing some form of mental clarity into your regimen has many benefits. Yoga and meditation are great ways to relax and still stay active. Engaging the mind is just as important as engaging the body.


Reward Yourself

food, cook, eating, junk food, cuisine, When you finish a powerful workout, allow yourself to have a treat. Check out healthier alternatives such as oatmeal or protein pancakes. Make sure to share the recipes with your friends.



human hair color, nose, purple, girl, mouth, The body is not meant to be pushed to it’s limits without breaks. When you are feeling sick or exhausted, allow yourself to recover by taking active rest days.


Stay Hydrated

With water that is. Water is such an important part of physical activity. Staying hydrated throughout your workouts and afterward will allow your muscles to recover quickly and efficiently.


Buddy up

folk wrestling, physical fitness, muscle, arm, sport venue, Working out alone can get old after a while. Find someone you can complete workouts with and still have lots of fun. Enjoy a nice fitness class together and maybe an adult beverage after.


Retail Therapy

human hair color, girl, socialite, brown hair, lip, Colder weather means a change in our wardrobe. This applies to our workouts as well. Take a trip to the local mall and check out that fitness retail store you haven’t had the time to visit. You definitely won’t be leaving empty handed.


Share Your Story

girl, blond, performance, fun, event, The fitness journey can be long and hard. That’s what makes it so rewarding when you start to see the results. Share your progress with family, friends, and post it on social media. People will see the work you have put in and want to join you.

Now that you are armed with 10 great ways to stay motivated throughout the year, why not get started right now?!

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