10 Important Habits to Help You Stop Being so Damn Lazy ...


10 Important Habits to Help You Stop Being so Damn Lazy ...
10 Important Habits to Help You Stop Being so Damn Lazy ...

If we were all being totally honest with ourselves, many of us would admit that we are much lazier than we should be or want to be! Sometimes it can be nice to indulge in a little self care and slouch around the house to recharge for a bit, but when that starts to become your normal routine, then you know that things have gone too far in the wrong direction! Form these ten important habits to help you stop being so damned lazy!

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Be Kind to Yourself

If you have a negative self image and self confidence, you will be less inclined and motivated to get up and complete the tasks that you are supposed to. If you can be a little kinder to yourself, you will find that you get more done.


Small Steps

Don’t think about your to-do list items as big hurdles to jump. Think of them as small steps that you need to walk one by one, slowly. Taking small steps is much easier in your mind that jumping over a great big hurdle.


Do What Matters Most First

Do the most important and most difficult tasks first every day, because the start of the day is the time when you will be most refreshed and recharged from sleep! It has a double effect, because when you see that have completed your big tasks, you will be more motivated to finish the little ones too.


Small Breaks

Get into the habit of taking small breaks between sessions of hard work; it will be better for your mind and your motivation than trying to smash through a day of total concentration and grinding.


Eliminate Distractions

Shut down all of the most tempting escape routes that you usually have. Block your computer’s access to social media, turn your phone off ... all of the little things that can often make you procrastinate.


Pros and Cons

Make a pros and cons list about the concept of gaining renewed motivation. You will find that the pros far outweigh the cons and that in itself should spur you on.



Work on uncluttering your life as much as you can. Eliminate any responsibilities that are no absolutely vital, as well as physical spring clean that will unclutter both your living space and your mind.


Accept Setbacks

Try not to get too down on yourself if you suffer a setback, because we are only human! It’s not the individual failure that defines you, it’s the way in which you deal with it and bounce back!


Find Inspiration

Look for external sources of inspiration to motivate you. That might be in the form of friend and family, or music, or creativity, or anything that speaks to you personally.


Enjoy Your down Time

Rather than beating yourself for having downtime and starting a vicious cycle that drains you of your enthusiasm, enjoy your leisure time for what it is, but then build up a strong attitude that allows you to switch back to hard work when the time calls for it.

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