Great Ways to Become Better at Being an Adult ...


Great Ways to Become Better at Being an Adult ...
Great Ways to Become Better at Being an Adult ...

Being an adult isn’t easy even when you’ve been doing it for years! It can be especially intimidating when you’re just entering the adult world. Thankfully, there’re some things that you can do to help you become better at it. These 10 tips can offer you the help and guidance you need.

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Don’t Ignore Your Responsibilities

hair, black, facial expression, white, black and white, Being an adult means taking your responsibilities seriously. This encompasses many areas: your job, your schooling, your relationships, your financial responsibilities and responsibilities in the care of your home. It also means you meet responsibilities on your own without reminders from others. It can take time to ease into this if you’re still a teenager so don’t be discouraged. Just make it a goal to work toward.


Think Things through

face, head, eye, fashion, human body, This’s a lesson you may learn early in being an adult or after you’ve officially been in the adult world awhile. Successful adults think things through. They don’t make rash decisions and they don’t make decisions emotionally. They realize that important decisions deserve time to be well thought out and will have the best results when handled this way. Following this saves you a lot of regret in your life.


Don’t Let Adult Life Intimidate You

hair, face, red, person, woman, Adult life is a lot to take in. But don’t let it intimidate you! You can totally handle it. Yes, it’s a learning process and you may stumble a few times but don’t throw in the towel. Simply make your mind up to keep going and you’re bound to be a success.


Observe Adults You Respect

black and white, black, people, photography, monochrome photography, I believe that we can always learn from others. Different individuals can be a good example to us in different areas in our life. One person may have a lot to offer you in fabulous organizational skills. Another may be a whiz when it comes to financial management. Look around you and see who’s in your circle that you can learn from.


Accept Responsibility

hair, mouth, finger, singer, One sign of true maturity is when you can accept responsibility for your actions. This isn’t easy for anyone to do at any age. But when you can do this, it shows maturity and integrity. Being able to admit you’re wrong instead of blaming others is part of becoming an adult. While it’s difficult, it’s also something that others will respect you for.


Learn from Your Mistakes

hair, person, blond, brown hair, hairstyle, We all make mistakes in life. It could be a small mistake like not writing down a purchase you made in your checkbook or it could be a bigger mistake like quitting a job because you’re angry and having no future job prospects lined up. Whatever mistake it is, we all make them from time to time. The important thing is to learn from them. Mistakes can actually help you become a better adult when you use them to help you grow as a person.


Let Time Work in Your Favor

person, You know, part of becoming an adult is dependent on time. There’re things you can do to help the process along and things that you have no control over. Trust time to be in your favor. As you age past 18 and into your early 20s, it’ll happen for you. Of course, having a mature attitude toward embracing adulthood helps, too.


Develop a Mantra

face, black and white, photography, beauty, monochrome photography, Give yourself inner peace and make your life easier by coming up with a mantra. It can be any phrase that will help you remember anything you need, whether it be to not forget to bring something on the way out the door, or a phrase that calms you in a time of stress.


Enjoy What You like

black and white, photograph, photography, monochrome photography, monochrome, Don't be ashamed that you still absolutely love Britney Spears, or any other thing you might be somewhat embarrassed to share with the world. Enjoy what you enjoy and don't be apologetic for it!


Don't Let Strangers Get to You

hair, person, blond, brown hair, mouth, If a stranger is rude to you, don't let it get to your head. Instead, feel bad for that person because something must've happened in their life to act that way towards someone they don't even know. Take a deep breath and don't focus on the negativity.

These’re 7 things you can do to become better at being an adult. Which tip helps you the most? Your comments are always welcome here!

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@Liz I love you! At the ripe old age of 56 nearly 57, I'd like to sit in on a life class taught by you!

Wanna save this for my lil one

loving the Selena gifs & also the article👏

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Number 4 is the best ! Great advice

Don't pay interest, collect it. Stay out of debt. If you can not pay off the bill at the end of the month don't buy it. Delayed gratification is key. Respect yourself and act like a lady (think Audrey Hepburn). Dress appropriate, the booth shorts need to go away. Don't wear PJs outside your house-ever! And grown up panties do not comeIn a multi-pack.

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