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Quick Tricks to Help Boost Your Confidence ...

By Eliza

Confidence is that feeling you get when you know you look great and are doing wonderful things. Sometimes your confidence can be shaken though. Mine gets thrown off when I get a breakout or have a bad hair day. Instead of being miserable all day long, try one of these tricks to instantly boost your confidence and leave you feeling great in mere minutes.

1 Dress up

hair, person, photograph, red, woman, So what if you have a breakout. If you're dressed really well, no one will even notice.

2 Think Positive

human action, hair, face, person, blond, This isn't always easy, but remind yourself of what's great about you and you'll feel more confident in no time.


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3 Try New Makeup

hair, human hair color, human action, blond, person, A fresh new makeup look can do wonders for any girl's confidence.

4 Be Generous

human action, person, blond, mouth, finger, Doing something nice for someone else is an amazing way to feel better about yourself.

5 Stand up Straight

room, interior design, Sowe, don, tshlump, Slouching is no way to feel confident, so stand up straight and face the day head-on.

6 Do Something You're Good at

mouth, screenshot, hope, you, like, Can you knit a mean sweater or make 10 free throws in a row? Do those things and you'll feel great about yourself instantly,

7 Put on a Smile

hair, human hair color, face, nose, blond, Nothing makes a girl look more beautiful than a bright smile on her face. Fake it you have to, but just do it!

8 Write down What You're Grateful for

performing arts, entertainment, performance art, dance, musical theatre, Sometimes a quick dose of perception can reinforce your confidence.

9 Go Workout

human action, person, human positions, sitting, leg, That high you get from kicking butt at the gym is all you need to feel way better about yourself. I promise!

10 Hang out with a Friend

hairdresser, There's nothing like spending time with your bestie to make you feel good about life again.

11 Finish a Project

speech, Got a few unfinished things hanging over your head? Get one of them done and you'll be surprised at how great you feel.

12 Clean Something up

Clean Something up A messy desk or cluttered cupboard can be stressful, but getting it straightened up can boost your confidence in only a couple of minutes.

13 Spritz on Some Perfume

pink, flamingo, close up, mouth, organ, Knowing you smell good may be all it takes to boost your confidence.

14 Hug Someone

player, football player, basketball player, ice hockey position, ARTA, Whether it's your man, your child or your best friend, a hug increases feel good chemicals in your brain.

15 Power Pose

hair, hairstyle, veil, feel, damn, When your confidence is flagging, strike a power pose and you'll get it back in no time.

16 Practice Meditation

hair, face, blond, hairstyle, beauty, Experts say that regular meditation is a sure fire way to boost self-esteem.

17 Have a Coffee

human action, face, hair, person, mouth, Research shows that a quick jolt of caffeine can increase confidence pretty quickly.

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