Mind-Bending Tips to Boost Your Motivation Instantly ...


Mind-Bending Tips to Boost Your Motivation Instantly ...
Mind-Bending Tips to Boost Your Motivation Instantly ...

It’s not always easy to get motivated for the day ahead – especially when you know your hours are full of the same mundane, repetitive stuff. But don’t be tempted into hitting the snooze button for the 3rd time, try these self motivation tricks instead.

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Select a Treat

drink, cappuccino, tableware, saucer, drinkware, Before making plans and forging ahead, choose a treat or reward that will give you something to look forward to along the way: a dinner at your favorite restaurant, a night at the movies with a friend, a day at a spa or simply a cup of hot chocolate in the garden. Visualizing a reward at the end can help greatly with the completion of a task. Even planning your weekend fun gives you a goal when you’re struggling to face Tuesday morning’s commute.


Making Plans

handwriting, text, writing, editing, document, Setting achievable goals, sorting out priorities for each day by writing to-do lists with no more than a handful of items can help you to focus on what's important and getting it done. Enter these items in your diary or on your household calendar just like anniversaries, birthdays or appointments.


Seek Inspiration

person, major appliance, Everybody has periods where their productivity dips for whatever reason. Seek inspiration from people you admire: watch a short interview with a business woman of the year or Olympic champion or read a short chapter about people who have overcome or dealt successfully with adversities like poverty, illness and disability. Find your inner hero. Before you'll know it, your mind will be ready to handle the next challenge with ease.


Minimize Distractions

hair, black hair, hairstyle, costume, skin, Cut out all distractions like mobile phones, surfing the web, social media on your laptop, dogs demanding playtime, spouses or kids seeking your undivided attention. Turn off the TV and radio. Put aside the thriller you've been reading. Focus on the task at hand with a clear mind and don't try to multi-task, or you won't get any of the jobs on your to-do list done properly.


Outwit Your Inner Layabout

jungle, comics, I'VE, BEEN, VERY, By penciling fake deadlines on your calendar for tasks that don't need to be done until a later date you can get started on challenges well in advance. Outwit your inner layabout, the one who is so adept at coming up with distractions and excuses! Use this technique for short- and long-term projects, so all get the same amount of attention. Since some of the deadlines on your schedule will be real ones and some will be fakes, it's far harder to cheat or miss a deadline.


Nobody's Perfect

person, photograph, black and white, painting, portrait photography, Stop using excuses like "the time isn't quite right" or "this is not the perfect opportunity to get involved". Beginning a project and performing a task better, rather than perfectly is what matters. Even if you cannot complete a larger project now, you will have made a start and completed a portion of it. Taking small steps will still get you to the finish line. Think "the hare and the tortoise" and take the first step on your journey. The second step won't be anywhere near as hard to take.


Visualize Completing the Task

blond, person, woman, Imagine you've already completed the task by closing your eyes for a few minutes and basking in the warm glow of success. Can't you see the outcome looks fabulous, the process was enjoyable, everybody's patting you on the back? You've grown as a person, your bank balance is looking healthy? Our brains can't tell the difference between wishful thinking and actual progress, so this is a great technique for tricking ourselves into believing we've already completed a task and it wasn't nearly as bad as we thought it would be. Imagining a successful outcome allows you to build up excitement and get started on a task. This technique works very well for long-term projects, too. Break down larger projects into bite-sized chunks and employ the "visualize" technique for each milestone.

Do you think any of these tips will help you when your motivation needs a boost?

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FANTASTIC stuff, “Super~Lauren”!!!✌️👍😎🌈☀️~ eternally relevant & SO helpful!!

With 4 it's hard to ignore the kids when they want attention

Carving out time for myself is difficult between kids, work, and chores. I am going to start including my kids in my daily movement/exercise and meal planning. It will pull them away from their electronics, build in exercise for us, and teach them healthy eating habits too.

I feel like I have no life between hubby, kids and chores I have no time left for myself

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