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Exceptional Ways to Stay Motivated to Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions ...

By Camia

Are you looking for some ways to stay motivated to achieve your New Year's resolutions? So many people make resolutions and then by January 2nd, they have already forsaken them. So here are some ways to stay motivated to achieve your New Year's resolutions beyond the first few days of January.

1 Don’t Call Them Resolutions, but Improvements

We are always changing, growing and adapting without the premise of the New Year, whether it be changing our looks, growing up or adapting to a new environment. So why do we even need resolutions? The word itself means a firm decision, being resolute. It just puts so much pressure on something that’s supposed to be self-reflection and really, an improvement. So no more “new year, new me,” instead, it will be “new year, improved me.” That's one of the best ways to stay motivated to achieve your New Year's resolutions.

2 Keep It Simple

Some people have sheets upon sheets of paper filled with improvements. Less is more. Focus on the things you really want to change and the things you realistically can change. Some suggestions: changing your look, whether it be your hair or your wardrobe or cleaning up your living space or rearranging the furniture.

3 Surround Yourself with Support

As I stated before, we are always improving and in any endeavor we embark upon, we have a support system. The positive reinforcement makes the achievement all the more successful. So have a buddy when you workout, take a girlfriend with you when you get your hair cut, have family help you clean, etc. Whoever you're with, make sure they are in support of what you are trying to achieve.

4 Let Go of Last Year

Sometimes, we make our improvements based on our failures from the year that’s ending. We set goals based on the things we failed to do or things we’ve seen others do that we wish we could’ve done. But set goals for things you want to achieve and you can achieve. Refer back to “Keep It Simple.”

5 Follow through with Your Goals

Now that you know what you want to do, figure out how to do it. For me, I put everything in my Google calendar and it sends me reminders of when to do things so you can stick to the improvements you’ve set. Or, you can have your mother call you and remind you to keep your goals. Annoying as that may be, it’s effective. Although, the best thing to do is to just do it. Not the most inspirational, but the most effective. Once you start doing your improvements, you’ll keep doing them.

6 Have a Good Year

Regardless of whether you stick to your improvements or not, plan to have a good year. Laugh often, love always, and live. Cliché yes, but doable. Happy New Year!

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