4 Great Ways to Re-Ignite Your Creative Inspiration ...


4 Great Ways to Re-Ignite Your Creative Inspiration ...
4 Great Ways to Re-Ignite Your Creative Inspiration ...

Wondering how to re-ignite your creative inspiration? Do you feel disconnected? Sort of flat, dull, and lacking inspiration? The humdrum of everyday existence can leave you feeling spiritless and separated from all that life has to offer. It’s easy to let your life live you instead of actively taking control of your life.

Here are some ways to infuse your life with creative inspiration so that you can reawaken to life’s potential and feel alive again. It’s a little something I like to call “exposure,” because it takes influences from outside yourself and turns them into internal inspiration. As you go through the list, think of these areas as things you can incorporate into your life that will rejuvenate you.

I like to break the areas you’ll focus on into four categories: Social, Mental, Style, and Creative. Here's how to re-ignite your creative inspiration.

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When you’re feeling disconnected from the world, one of the things you can do is reconnect with your friends (and I don’t mean purely on social media). Socializing - meaning making legitimate emotional connections - has been shown to improve feelings of well-being, self-esteem, and confidence while decreasing depression and anxiety. It preserves brain health and gets the associations in your brain flowing, improving your communication and creative capacity. (It even lowers your risk of dementia and may help you live longer.)

Call up your friends and experience another person’s thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. This will help you reinvigorate your life by stepping outside of yourself and making a genuine connection. Go a step further and try to make new friends by using apps like Bumble BFF. Step outside your circle of familiar friends. In exposing yourself to new people, you might find a new perspective or learn something about yourself or the world. Taking in other people’s experiences, style, opinions, and narratives can help influence and inspire you and that's one of the best answers for how to re-ignite your creative inspiration.



Another way to become inspired by the world around you is to focus on revitalizing the mind. You need to find ways of taking in information that will inspire you. First and foremost, you can read. Re-read your favorite book, read a guilty pleasure, or read something unexpected - something that’s “good” for your brain. For example, I’m reading an old art history textbook from college that is truly fascinating. You don’t have to stop at books either. Look up a poem of the day, turn on an informative podcast, or pick up a magazine (my favorite is Scientific American). Stream the news on your computer so that you know what is going on in the world. The point is to infuse your mind with information so that you can form opinions, feel like an active participant in the world, and ultimately become inspired by what you find.

Another mental activity that will help to restore and refresh your creative inspiration is meditation. Meditation can decrease anxiety and depression and increase empathy, attention, and focus. It enhances the brain fibers that connect different brain regions and diminishes inflammation. Meditation is like an overall refresh button for your brain, resetting everything into a neutral, calm, and centered place that allows you to let go of the chaos of life. The clarity that meditation brings can clear the way for creative inspiration to come through and lets you clearly see and focus on what you want your life to be.



Reinvigorating your style can be one of the best (and most fun) ways of regaining your creative inspiration. I like to gain style inspiration from magazines and pictures of stylish celebrities. You can try and incorporate some of these looks into your daily life. You can also go through your own closet and find pieces you already own. Breathe new life into them by trying new combinations and pairings. Try wearing a new style and mix it up by being a little unconventional. Wear a baggy black t-shirt as a dress and pair it with some killer leather boots. Try some high-waisted jeans with a tucked-in muscle tank. Do something outside the scope of your usual style.

When it comes to your makeup, try and copy looks you find. Try a bold dark lip or bright eyeshadow. Use a glossy highlighter on your cheeks and in the corners of your eyes. Dye your hair a new color (I recently opted for a rose gold). It can be empowering to be bold with your style and experience a new look. Feeling good about yourself through your style can make you feel more confident in the rest of your life and inspire you to explore yourself and know what you want and like.



Creativity is essential for inspiration, but it can be difficult to incorporate into your everyday life. First, I recommend exploring new music to jump-start that creativity. Music can make you feel the full spectrum of emotions and spark feeling within you. Check out some new bands, go see a show, and ask for some recommendations. There’s no quicker way to feel alive again than to listen to a powerful song.

Next, try journaling. Journaling can evoke mindfulness, help you realize and complete your goals, increase emotional intelligence, boost memory, and improve communication and self-confidence. Turning your problem into a concrete narrative can also help you work through your life issues. The key is that the stream of consciousness that journaling evokes lets creative juices out. It lets your brain talk to itself so that the associations can flow. You can also keep a creative notebook and fill it with things that inspire you, such as quotes, song lyrics, poems, and thoughts you want to hold on to.

Lastly, I think having a designated creative or art night is a great way to give a nice jolt of inspiration to your life. You can have a night of the week (I chose Sunday) to do something creative like sketch, collage, paint, or try writing a short story. There are benefits to making art, even if you're bad at it. You will strengthen and improve connections in your brain, improve your mood, and reduce stress and anxiety. It can help you overcome sadness and improve focus. Finally, it can help bring about a state of flow, a sense of losing yourself in the art so that you are motivated by the experience of making art rather than the end product. This state leaves you open to inspiration. Expressing yourself - getting what’s inside to the outside through a particular medium - will allow you to be immersed in creative inspiration.

Focusing on the social, mental, stylistic, and creative areas of your life through exposure will make you feel more awake and aware, more in control, more interesting, and more inspired. Who knows what you could accomplish with that inspiration?

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