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27 Fall Family Photo Ideas You've Just Got to See ...

By Jennifer

Summer's over, the temps are cooler, and the leaves are changing, which can only mean one thing: it's time for fall family photos! So find your favorite cardi and boots, then match everyone else to your color palette - and scan through this list of 27 gorgeous, fun fall family photos you'll want to mimic for your own shoot!

1 CoRnfield

people,photograph,person,ceremony,portrait photography,Via Kruse Family Portraits | Pumpkin ...
Make your annual trip to the corn maze a little more interesting with this fall family photos idea - and how cool would it be to take one each year, to see how big the baby's getting?!

2 Cozy!

people,photograph,person,photography,family,Via Family photos
This family photo, to me, says "cozy." The colors, the gorgeous background, the cute coat and sweaters - what's not to love?

3 Blowing Kisses

people,photograph,person,ceremony,family,Via Fall Colorado Family Photo Session ...
Isn't this family so sweet? I love how the little girls is blowing kisses. In the next shot - leaf pile toss!

4 Old Suitcase

This old suitcase makes an ideal prop because it's just the right color for a fall photo shoot! I wonder if the photographer chose it because it matches the leaves, or if she found the spot with the leaves because she already had the suitcase?

5 Ivy League

human action,person,people,human positions,play,Via How to Layer Cold-Weather Essentials
This family is obviously well on their way to a PhD in Cute-ology with a Master's in Sweetness.

6 Don't Forget the Doggie!

people,family,photomontage,Via Top TV Stuff - Coming ...
Your furry family member can get in on the fun, too - and he can also provide a little extra warmth.

7 Golden Light, Tall Grass

people,person,family,walking,WWW.,Via Leann + David + Micah: ...
Your favorite summer field is brown and dry, and makes the perfect shoot locale for fall.

8 Baby Love!

people,person,man,male,child,Via Fall Colorado Family Photo Session ...
Can't you just hear his little sneakers, crunching in the fall leaves?

9 Red and Orange

person,people,man,male,autumn,Via 'Tis The Season: 12 Tips ...
This is such a cool angle, shooting uphill, with that gorgeous tree in the background!

10 In the Air

This is so much fun!

11 Tree!

tree,red,autumn,season,flower,Via Fun Fall Family Photos In ...
I've got to find this tree, so I can take photos here too!

12 Black and White

photograph,black and white,person,woman,photography,Via
Who says fall family photos have to be all red, orange, and gold?

13 Rustic Barn

people,person,photograph,man,male,Via The "C" Family ~ Vail ...
The only way this could be better? If it was your family in the photo!

14 Eww!

photograph,people,photography,ceremony,romance,Via Price Request - BuyDomains
Oh no! Mom and dad are kissing! Eww!

15 Country Lane

photograph,people,man,ceremony,woodland,Via Photography
This looks like twilight is falling, and as soon as this photo was taken, they all went back for a cup of hot cider in front of the fire.

16 City Street

photograph,people,person,man,child,Via LET THE KIDS RUN WILD ...
I only think this is fall because of what everyone's wearing. Cute!

17 Upside down!

photograph,clothing,person,woman,photography,Via Fall Colorado Family Photo Session ...
This is the same leaf-crunching baby boy from earlier - love it!

18 Leaf Toss

people,person,autumn,season,play,Via Knoxville Botanical Garden | Stone ...
What to do with all those leaves in the back yard? Leaf toss!

19 The Lake

That's such a gorgeous carpet of leaves, and a lovely fence!

20 The Tree

people,person,family,Via My Fall Family Photos
Trees are so photogenic in fall, and not just for their leaves, either!

21 Steps

people,person,family,portrait photography,Via Someday...
If you've moved into a new home this summer or fall, why not take your fall photos on the steps of the new place?

22 Two Kisses...

people,person,man,male,ceremony,... are better than one! Now, go get that cider!

23 Blurry Background

people,person,autumn,family,Via McCarthy Family {Barrie Family Photographer}
Who are we fooling? You know the most important part of the family photo is the sweet baby girl!

24 Perspective

tree,ecosystem,season,autumn,woodland,Via meet the roses | family ...
Share the spotlight by panning back a little back - there you go! Now the background is almost as prominent as your beautiful family!

25 Fairy Princess

people,ceremony,man,woodland,family,Via Adorable Family Portraits in the ...
The fall forest is the perfect place for your wee fairy princess.

26 Bare Branches

people,photograph,person,tree,photography,Via Snapshot
Did you miss the leaves? It's okay - the bare branches make for a pretty backdrop, too!

27 On the Ground

people,person,woman,man,family,Via Fall Family Photos Archives - ...
There's no comfier spot for family photos than on the ground - assuming it's not rained recently. *wink*

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