Inspiration on How to Find out Who You Are ...

By Laura

Inspiration  on How to Find  out Who You Are  ...

Are you wondering how to find out who you are? Turning into the second time of life and love I realized that before I get to a point of peace I had to find out who I am and what I can do to make it happen!
Sounded like a good idea but no.
How can I plan out my life?
Have I told myself that I can make mistakes and be okay with that?
Can life be tamed?
What tools are needed for the opportunity to be successful in my second time of love?
Who is the responsible party and where are the keys to get it started?
Please send me a copy of the directions to make sure I didn't mess up or miss all of the information.
Ready to go and step back, I had to stop and breathe.
Praying for the next new moments!
Believing in the next fresh air will be there!
Family and faith bonding time to share!
Embracing love to come and enjoying the option to explore!
Facing the same feeling but excited to release my fear!
Please let me share
Love isn't a big box of rules
Love isn't a meeting of knowns
Love isn't a second opinion
Love isn't a design for one
Love is exactly what you want and need it to be!
Grateful for the time investing some reasonable fee
Details and directions aren't written down but I'm hoping to have had a beautiful better than yesterday!
Love, spirit, and mind open to receive a new kind
Sounds like fun and exciting work
Check in and make it an effort to shed old ways
Knowing I will get together soon and catch up with my rightful owner
God blesses us now and then giving us a different end
Love is for me to have and hold
Love is meant to glow
Love I'm grateful for
Today and evermore!

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