Things to do πŸ“ at the Beginning ☝️ of the Month πŸ—“ to Be Productive πŸ›  All πŸ’― Month Long β˜€οΈπŸŒ™ ...

There are some things to do at the beginning of the month to be productive all month. Have you ever experienced that feeling of treading water and running out of motivation as the end of the month comes into view? It’s only human nature to start to lose enthusiasm when you have been working to the best of your ability for weeks, and the end of the month can sometimes feel like a personal mountain to climb as you get closer and closer to the weekend and closer and closer to payday! However, there are a few things that you can do when you are full of energy at the beginning of the month that will help to sustain a more productive period of time in the weeks to come. Here's your list of things to do at the beginning of the month to be productive all month.

1. Make Plans

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Planning is one of the best things to do at the beginning of the month to be productive all month. Sit yourself down on the first or second of the month and fill in your kitchen calendar with all of the events, appointments, and occasions that you have in store. Having them all laid out like that to see in a physical sense can give you the motivation to keep going through the month. It can also help in a financial sense because you will be able to see completely ahead and budget in an appropriate way.

2. Evaluate Budget

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At the start of each month, look back at the previous month and assess what you could improve. When you get your budget totally right for the month, it can make you feel much more relaxed and happy about your situation week to week because you know you aren’t going to be struggling in those last few days.

3. Set Goals

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At the turn of the month, come up with a few new personal goals that you can look to achieve over the coming four weeks. These shouldn’t be anything too big or too grand scale, just small little things that you can keep working on as the weeks go by and that will keep you motivated and inspired to keep going throughout the month. It might be to lose two or three pounds, it might be to shave some time off of your jogging personal best, or it might even be to finally finish that box set that you have left up on the shelf growing dust for ages!

4. De-Clutter

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You will have a much more productive month if you start it with a fresh, super clean home environment. Make the effort to spring clean your home and make it as clutter free as possible, because the cleaner your living environment is, the clearer your mind will be. It’s easy to stay productive when you aren’t surrounded by a mess.

5. Set Books Targets

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If you are a bookworm, setting yourself a reading challenge can be really motivating. Commit to reading a book from start to finish each week, and with a new title to get through every seven days, the first week of the month will feel just as productive as the last day of the month.

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