10 Great Ideas for New Year's Resolutions You'll Actually Want to Stick with ...


10 Great Ideas for New Year's Resolutions You'll Actually Want to Stick with ...
10 Great Ideas for New Year's Resolutions You'll Actually Want to Stick with ...

Do you need some ideas for New Year's resolutions? We all do it; each New Year we promise ourselves we’ll give or chocolate or stick to that new gym routine. We all manage for about two days, so surely there’s a more realistic goal we can set ourselves, to better ourselves in the New Year. Here are some great ideas for New Year's resolutions.

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Recognise That a Resolution Doesn’t Have to Start and End in January

There’s no ticking clock when it comes to bettering yourself. Yes, a new year can act as a good motivator, but you don’t have to give up at the first failure. If one goal doesn’t work, perhaps try a smaller one for a month? This is one of my best ideas for New Year's resolutions.


Get Fit…slowly

If you have a full-time career, kids or anything else, you’ll know your time is precious. Daily gym sessions aren’t realistic, but perhaps you could join a local gym and go once a week? Perhaps you could try a new sport or occasionally jog around your neighbourhood?


Get Organised

Whether it’s buying a new diary, planning your savings or de-cluttering your house, this can be the year you get organised!


Get into Good Habits

Maybe you could develop a proper sleeping routine, flossing daily or eating your 5-a-day. Small tasks become ingrained as good habits. Try and order out less and cook more. Remember - keep your goals small to keep yourself motivated!


Quit an Addiction

We all have a vice, but perhaps this can be the year you finally quit it. Perhaps you smoke or drink daily. Perhaps it feels sillier than that. Maybe you’d like to cut down on caffeine or artificial sugar. A year is a long time, maybe you can go into the next year happier with yourself.


Learn Something!

Despite what you may think, you’re never too old to learn something new. Maybe you can go back to school, or even teach yourself using the internet. You could learn to knit, bake, a new sport or even a new language. You’ve been putting it off for years – give it a go!


Change Your Look

Life is short, and you likely won’t get another shot. Maybe it’s time to try those dresses you’re not sure suit you? Or maybe it’s time to hack your hair off and dye it blue. Maybe get a piercing or a tattoo – this is the year to reinvent yourself!


Go Somewhere New

Maybe this year you save up and take that trip you’ve always talked about. It’s a big world out there, maybe you’ll see something that will change your life?


Make Time for Someone

2018 could be a year for family or friends. Maybe this year you make an effort to see your grandparents more or get in touch with old friends?


Let Go of Guilt

Remember not to beat yourself up. Resolutions are hard and it can be demotivating to fail. Set small goals and take baby steps, but remember to let go of guilt. Do what you can do, and what makes you happy. You owe nothing to anyone, except yourself.

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