The Most Empowering TED Talks to Take You into 2018 ...

By Clarrie

The Most  Empowering  TED Talks  to Take You into 2018  ...

If you have never heard of a TED talk, then you have seriously been missing out on some gold over the last few years! You need some empowering TED talks to start with.

TED is a media organisation that posts talks from influential individuals online for free, with the aim of inspiring, educating, enlightening and motivating everybody to become better versions of themselves or simply to find something to connect to in their specific worlds. From robots to romance to radio waves, there is a TED talk on anything you can think of. As we move into a new year, it’s always nice to find some sort of inspiration or motivation to get you through the post-holiday season slump, so here are some of the most empowering TED talks to take you into 2018.

Table of contents:

  1. what happens in your brain when you pay attention? by mehdi ordikhani-seyedlar
  2. why you should define your fears instead of your goals by tim ferriss
  3. the future we’re building by elon musk
  4. know your worth, and then ask for it by casey brown
  5. there’s more to life than being happy by emily esfahani smith

1 What Happens in Your Brain when You Pay Attention? by Mehdi Ordikhani-Seyedlar

This amazing and empowering TED talk takes you inside the wonder of the human mind, helping you to understand why you think the way that you think. It explains what is actually happening when our brains try to process information and comes up with a reason for why it is so hard to pay attention to certain things sometimes. It's a really interesting deep dive into the crazy science of the brain!

2 Why You Should Define Your Fears Instead of Your Goals by Tim Ferriss

A really interesting talk by author and inventor Tim Ferris exploring the idea that we should set fears instead of goals. He says that goals are simple to set but hard to achieve, and that is because of our fears. Fear has the power to paralyze us and stop us achieving our dreams, so watch Tim’s explanation for why we should be setting fears in 2018.

3 The Future We’re Building by Elon Musk

Elon Musk is one of the world’s most prominent business figures right now, and in this talk, he gives you an insight into what kind of future we can expect to be living in with all the rapid development in tech that is happening. Musk explores both the near and far future, and what he has to say will make you very excited about the things that might be to come!

4 Know Your Worth, and then Ask for It by Casey Brown

An expert pricing consultant, Casey Brown helps viewers in this talk to get to know their own worth in 2018. She explains that getting paid what you are actually worth is a very rare thing in the workplace, and her TED talk is all about trying to figure out your own personal worth and then incorporating that into your interactions and discussions with others.

5 There’s More to Life than Being Happy by Emily Esfahani Smith

Most of us are obsessed with attaining happiness and becoming happier than we are right now, so much so that we feel like failures if any other emotions come into play. This empowering TED talk is all about embracing every one of your many emotions and finding room to develop all of them in your life to become a much more balanced and well-rounded person.

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