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11 Awesome Ways to Be Your Own Best Friend ...

By Lane

At times in life, it's difficult to identify who your true friends really are, which is why you should learn some awesome ways to be your own best friend. Sometimes, it's essential to spend time alone to realize who values you as a friend. However, the key element is to value yourself. To help you with this discovery, let's review the awesome ways to be your own best friend.

1 Boost Your Own Self-confidence

product, socialite, girl, friendship, conversation, Sending positive vibes your own way is among the awesome ways to be your own best friend. All changes in life begin, as they say, with the person in the mirror. Tell yourself, today, that you are an amazing person and mean it. When your outfit looks great on you, state an affirmation that's conducive to boosting your self-confidence.

2 Reward Yourself for Reaching Milestones

event, product, girl, Every time you complete a milestone, you should reward yourself. I committed to walking four miles every day last year. It was my goal to become healthier and get into better shape. As I accomplished each weight goal, I bought one new outfit to show off my new form.


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3 Enjoy Your Time Alone

human hair color, blond, socialite, stemware, girl, Spending time alone allows you to collect your thoughts and recharge. It also allows you that essential time to be yourself without judgment. I love bubble baths, dancing around the living room, and shopping—obviously. By taking some time to yourself, you can rediscover what makes you a fun person.

4 Stop the Negativity

girl, black hair, photo caption, product, If you are prone to constant negative thoughts, stop them now! They will get you nowhere and fast. When these thoughts begin, reflect on the thoughts shared by your most negative friend. How do you feel while you sit there listening to her ramble on and on about how she has boy shoulders? It's annoying, isn't it? If you are your own best friend, you should never subject yourself to these constant eye-roll moments.

5 Follow Your Instincts

hair, human hair color, girl, hairstyle, red hair, Remember how all your girl friends believe they know what is right for you and tell you—all the time? It's your turn. Your gut instincts are almost always dead on. No one knows what is best for you better than you. Follow these instincts to the letter and self-protect.

6 Take Your Own Advice

girl, black hair, product, happiness, smile, I'm guilty of this one. I dispense great advice to friends constantly, but I never take my own. Ironically, I learned in most instances, that I should consider what I would tell a friend to do first, before taking action. It has proven to be highly helpful.

7 Jam to Your Playlist

face, skin, hairstyle, chin, cheek, Although friends expose you to several different genres of music, nothing replaces your own special jam. These tunes are your go-to collection that always makes you feel better after a heartache and help you calm down after a crisis. Utilize this playlist to cheer up your new best friend - you.

8 Go to Your Happy Place

facial expression, emotion, shout, mouth, smile, In most instances, you go to your friends when you are not feeling up to par. However, as you mature, you discover that sometimes, it's best to go it alone. Although your friends will want to help, you need time to wrap your own head around your feelings first. Act as your own best friend and go to a place alone that always makes you happy. For me, this is either the Alabama Shakespeare Festival or the thrift store. It works every time.

9 Spa Day Extravaganza

hair, bride, woman, human hair color, hair accessory, You don't need a large group of your girls to visit a spa. All you need is a week's worth of tired muscles and stress. Your local spa may offer a package or discounts on select services. You should be your own bestie and find out which spa is the most beneficial.

10 Be Your Own Wing Man

interaction, girl, In a social setting, it is not necessary to have a wing man or woman to point you into the direction of a great time. You can do this on your own; trust your instincts. If you do choose to enjoy the night life flying solo, be cautious and responsible.

11 Stand Your Ground

headgear, shoulder, arm, cap, girl, If you are, typically, the friend who requires someone to back you up or defend you, change this now! Gumption is an admirable trait; own it. Don't take it from anyone and always stand your ground.

By making the conscious choice to be your own best friend, you are giving yourself the opportunity to learn who you really are. You also discover who really cares and who doesn't. What are some things you have done in the spirit of appreciating and valuing yourself?

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