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In this article, let's review seven useful activities you can do to encourage yourself on a daily basis. Some encouraging activities can involve writing, physical activities, or even spending time helping others. Whatever you decide to take up will help you stay inspired. So, this list will share some of my favorite activities you can do to encourage yourself, especially when the only support you have is the person staring back at you in the mirror.

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Posting Sticky Notes

Writing sticky notes is one of the many activities you can do to encourage yourself. The great thing about sticky notes is that you can post them anywhere in the house or even in your car. Write endearing and uplifting messages to yourself and stick them in places where you will definitely spot them out. Tell yourself to remember to smile or write one of your favorite quotes on the note. Whenever you feel down or at your lowest, the sticky notes will be there to remind you to stay encouraged.


Writing a Letter to Yourself

Writing letters to yourself can be fun and therapeutic. What I personally like to do is address the letter to myself, of course, and recall some of the events that occurred that day or within that week. I sometimes end up lecturing myself on how I can improve in my performance, or I may even compliment myself. It may sound crazy, but it actually works. Other letters I have written have been to my future self. I place a time stamp on them to remind myself to read them when the appropriate time comes around. This activity will definitely inspire you to be a better you!


Modeling or Photography

This creative activity will definitely boost your spirits-especially when it comes to personal issues with yourself. Photography and modeling can bring out the best side of you. Participating in photo shoots helps you build confidence and self-assurance. It makes you not only feel good about your physical appearance, but your personality as well. It takes a very bold person to step in front of the camera and give their best performance, and you could very well be that person!



Certain types of volunteer work can be extremely encouraging. Working with those that have different backgrounds and life experiences can put your own personal life into perspective. Working with the homeless in particular can teach you how to be thankful for the little things and to never take anything for granted. When volunteering you always discover someone's story to be inspiring, making you a more appreciative person.


Reading Uplifting Literature

Investing in an inspirational book or written work is another smart route to take. Sometimes another person's words and thoughts can push you in the right direction. Motivational books are great for gaining knowledge and more confidence. Whether the book you choose is from a spiritual or a personal, irreligious standpoint, it can be a major influence in your life. The purpose of reading uplifting literature is to change your life for the better, and many books are out there to do just that.


Trying out Fearful Challenges

Conquering your fears can encourage you tremendously. Specifically challenging yourself in some of the most common fears, like sky diving, bungee jumping, or roller coasters, can bring out the courageous lion in you. Other, smaller fears, like public speaking or facing a significant person, can also help to boost your boldness. After defeating one fear, you will feel like nothing is that hard to overcome.



Other than being a main source of staying fit, exercising can also be used to relieve stress and worry. You will become less susceptible to disappointment and frustration because physical activity will help free you from those problem areas. Additionally, encouraging workouts like Yoga are not only physically beneficial, but also mentally and spiritually helpful. Feeling good about your health will ultimately transform your mind in a positive way as well.

Staying encouraged is a difficult challenge and sometimes you may need some sort of hobby to help you out. Of course there are other ways to encourage yourself, but these may somehow come in handy for you someday. Which one of these are you most likely to try? What are some other ways you stay encouraged?

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