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Everyone wants to live a good life. But what exactly is a good life? Well, a good life for me is when you don't have to worry about money because you have enough, you have challenges but not problems, and you're in a good mental, emotional and social state such that you don't find bitterness in your heart and look for faults in other people. Easier said than done, you may say, but it can be done. Here are seven lines I compiled to live a good life.

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"This Too Shall Pass."

"This Too Shall Pass." Google this and your search will tell you that this line came from Persian Sufi poets and Jewish folklore, and used by English poet Edward Fitzgerald and American president Abraham Lincoln. I am not in any way concerned of the origin of this line but I do love the value of humility that it teaches. "This too shall pass" tells us that to live a good life, we make it a mindset that whatever happens - positive or negative - it will soon pass and go. This line taught me to be patient and humble.


"I Will Survive."

"I Will Survive." On October 1978, Gloria Gaynor popularized this song. My Mom, who was born in 1967, has been singing this song to me since I was born in 1986. She was a young mother at 19. I love how this song screams empowerment for all genders and races, and invites people to stand up for their choices and opinions.


"from Life's School of War: What Does Not Kill Me Makes Me Stronger."

"from Life's School of War: What Does Not Kill Me Makes Me Stronger." That's a line from German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche in his book "Twilight of the Idols or How to Philosophize with a Hammer." No matter how hard we try, unfortunate events will happen, and a lot of these are not under our control. Nietzsche's line tells us not to beat ourselves up. Learn from your mistakes and they will make you a better, stronger person.


"No Man is an Island."

"No Man is an Island." If anyone thinks that this line is false, please let John Donne know. The English poet wrote Devotions upon Emergent Occasions, where this line appeared. I love how this line stands independent from its author and has since lived a life its own. It tells us that we are never alone, we always have people to turn to, to be with in our journey.


"Great Things Start from Small Beginnings."

"Great Things Start from Small Beginnings." This one was apparently quoted from the Roman philosopher and statesman Marcus Tulius Cicero. This line is very universal. It's in the same breath as, "A journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step." This reminds me of the importance of little contribution; that there is no such thing as irrelevant work. Every time I hear this line, I think about the bricks that made up humanity's giant structures. Every little bit counts.


"Patience is a Virtue."

"Patience is a Virtue." Is it really a virtue? William Langland un "Piers Plowman" believes so. And I do too! Patience is one value that we seem to have forgotten or slowly removed from our consciousness thanks but no thanks to the advent of "instant" technology. Instant noodles, instant coffee, instant degree (yes you can buy it in Thailand!) and the list goes on. I like patience because it comes with it the value of humility and the reminder that sometimes, you just need to slow things down.


"Honesty is the Best Policy."

"Honesty is the Best Policy." I can't help but include this because I learned this when I was five years old when I was in pre-school. It was posted on colored paper inside our classroom showing a photo of a boy who just found a wad of bills. The poster said this is a line from William Shakespeare. The line and the image never left me 22 years after. It is applicable in my work and in my relationships.

I have always believed that living a good life is a good balance of money, hard work, fun, family and friends. What's your personal definition of a good life?

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live and let live

awesome!!!! thanx a lot for this:)

I'm still working on patients I need to slow down and enjoy the little things cause eventually the big things will follow ☺️

Good one :)

seize the day

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