7 Ways to Move on and Create a Better Life for Yourself ...

By Jackie

7 Ways to Move on and Create a Better Life for Yourself ...

Trying to create a better life for yourself can seem a little daunting at times, especially when you find ourselves questioning how to get out of a rut. When that happens it’s important to sit back, look around at the life you’ve made for yourself and question how could you make it closer to the life you wish you were living. While becoming a millionaire overnight might not be the first step in getting closer to achieving your most authentic life, making small steps can certainly lead you to getting there faster. So, take a break from the hustle, sit back and read a few tips on how to create a better life for yourself.

1 Make a Vision Board

One of the easiest and most visual ways to create a better life for yourself is to actually create it—on paper. Get yourself a poster board and a bunch of magazines that represent things, words, places and whatever you feel matches the life you want, and start cutting them out. Make separate sections on your vision board for relationships, career, travel, money and whatever else you’d like to paste on. Then put it somewhere you’ll see everyday. This is a really efficient way of visualizing where you’d like to be every day.

2 Let Go of the Old

One of the scariest things in life is change. But, if you are the one to create that change, it’s in your control for that moment and it gives you power to make it happen. Let go of old friendships that don’t serve you anymore, places you’d go that aren’t part of you anymore and even jobs you’ve been wanting to leave for a long time but were too scared to. Simply creating this change will also create a vacuum and usher in new things that you do want in your life.

3 Try What You’ve Been Scared to

If you’ve always wanted to sing then now is the time to do it. We’re all guilty of saying “someday,” but make that day today. Everything is scary before you’ve done it. Challenge yourself to go to an open mic, or email that editor and pitch a story idea if you’re a writer. Just make the leap. You’ll feel so good that you did. Remember that if you get rejected the first time, there are plenty of superstars out there that got rejected for years before making it.

4 Go on a Trip

There is something so transformative about traveling, especially if you’ve never been anywhere. It’s important to get out of that town and see what else is out there. You never know what you’re going to learn and how that might turn your life in a whole new direction. You also never know whom you may meet…

5 Give More

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in wondering what we’re supposed to do with our lives that we forget to look around us at who else might be struggling. Giving back during a particularly stressful time in your life, or even when things are fine, is a wonderful way to be reminded of how lucky you are and also how good it feels to connect to others trying to make a difference. Helping alone balances you and makes things so much clearer to getting to the path you’d like to be on.

6 Meet New People

Simply meeting new people puts you out of your comfort zone and opens you up to new possibilities that you never knew existed. You never know who might be involved in something you’ve always wanted to know more about. Hanging out with new and interesting people can always add a little spice to that vanilla life you might feel like you’re living.

7 Find a Mentor

One of the most helpful things I’ve found in building a new life is finding someone who’s doing what you want to do. A mentor can be anyone. They might do nothing close to what you want to be doing professionally but they could have the wisdom of life that you might not yet have. They can be beneficial in guiding you and bringing you closer to where you want to be.

Building a better life can be done in so many ways. It’s up to you to do what feels right and push forward to do it. Life is really beautiful once you start living it the way you want. Take away the excuses and live your best life. How are you changing your life?

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