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Becoming the inspiration for someone else is a great feeling, and it's further rewarding to learn the eleven amazing ways to inspire someone to become a better person. These methods allow you to help others to achieve a more positive life. Being a positive example is only the beginning. To achieve this exceptional task, let's learn the amazing ways to inspire someone to become a better person.

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Eliminate Negativity

Among the first steps in learning ways to inspire someone to become a better person is the elimination of negativity. This task is not as difficult as it sounds. You can start by identifying negative thoughts that have plagued you in the past and explain to others how you changed your way of thinking.


Encourage Others

Encourage them to treat others better and to share kind words. Encourage their dreams and aspirations. If they want to be a lawyer or a reality star, share positive reinforcement of these efforts. They could become the next Kelly Osbourne or Wilfred. Hey, everyone has a dream!


Take the High Road

Although it's not as instantly gratifying as the low road, taking the high road doesn't have the backlash. When someone does something cruel, rude, or just plain stupid toward you, don't give them the satisfaction of knowing that they got under your skin. I'm not telling you to refrain from standing up for yourself at all. I'm saying, smile and tell this d-bag "thank you" in a way that comes across as a polite version of "time to dislodge the stick, Darling, someone needs the wood."


Stop Participating in Drama

Instead of proclaiming that you hate drama and finding yourself in the middle of it yet again, steer clear. Here's a new lesson. When someone tries to start it, choose not to participate, walk away, and continue this trend regardless of the ammo they believe they have. It's one of the most liberating feelings, ever!


'86 the Gossip

Here's a declaration to live by whenever you hear others gossiping, and they try to bring you to their level. As soon as gossip corner begins, say "I don't share other people's business. If you need to know, ask them." This will save you so much time, energy, and it helps you to avoid unnecessary drama. One stray comment and the next thing you know, someone will pull you right in the middle of a situation in which you don't want to be.


Opinions Are like, Well, You Get the Picture

In leading someone to become a better person, there's one skill you should share with them. Teach them not to care what anyone thinks of them. Show them techniques that allow them to let comments and opinions just slip away and prevent any lasting effects.


Be Honest, but Not a Jerk

If you need to share some potentially devastating news with a friend, take care in how you say it. If you are going out with friends, and you don't like an outfit that your friend chooses to wear, don't be a jerk and share your opinions. Now, if she tucks their skirt into her panties — tell her!


Stop Bullies

If you're out in public and notice someone being bullied, take action. I'm not asking you to jump in front of a bullet. I'm asking you to do something to prevent a potentially devastating occurrence. Statistics show that children who were bullied may choose suicide as a solution. Step in and stop this! Build the child back up and convince them that they are so much better than this bully and deserve a life of happiness. Bullying is a crime; it's time to stop it.


Be Respectful

Among my biggest pet peeves is disrespect. If you don't like someone, that's fine; you don't have to like them. But there's no point in being excessively disrespectful toward this person. It says a lot of bad things about you, and you don't want that. To make a positive impression on someone else you should remain respectful. You never know what another person is going through in their lives.


Help Whenever You Can

Most communities have charities and organizations that help the needy. Regardless of your station in life, you should take advantage of any opportunity to help. You never know when you may need help in return.


Be Happy and Healthy

Eating right, exercising, and staying positive are ways to lead a healthy and happy life. They help you to maintain a healthy body weight for you, which boosts your self-esteem. When you are happy and healthy, it shows and the positive energy is shared throughout the universe.

Leading others to goodness and a positive life presents a great example. It leads to inspiration throughout your area, and more people will take notice. What are some ways you have inspired others to become a better person?

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