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It’s time to change the way you talk to yourself by using positive words to describe yourself. I’m not talking about the cliché, overused and out-dated words, but words that give you a sense of meaning and inspire you. The key to boosting your self-confidence is to highlight your strengths rather than tune into your limitations. Check out these positive words to describe yourself and try adding them to your vocabulary!

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You may be considerate and compassionate but an incredibly powerful and positive word to describe yourself would be “thoughtful.” It shows that you go the extra mile for the people around you. You know this adjective is a fit if you spend a little more time choosing a friend’s birthday gift because you want to find something that’s just...them. Calling to check in with friends after hectic days or stressful events also shows you are thoughtful.



Do you have good communication skills? A great way to convey that is by saying that you are “articulate.” Some people may consider you a wordsmith or admire your ability to express your ideas. In a job interview, your employer will be looking for someone who’s self-assured. Let them know you are articulate with a quick example and they will be impressed by your communication skills, which will make you more marketable in the workplace.



You don’t need to explicitly describe yourself as “cultured,” but rather let your words speak for you. To clarify, cultured doesn’t mean you’ve traveled the globe. Referencing movies or historical events without harping upon the genius comparison demonstrates how cultured you are. It’s also the admiration for different cultures when it does come to traveling, and viewing your trips as a traveler and not a tourist.



Being graceful has more to do with elegance than being clumsy. Handling awkward situations in the best of spirits is the best way to show how graceful you are. I traveled to NYC a few years back to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Her friends ignored me throughout the trip yet I remained kindhearted and didn’t draw attention to their rudeness. At the end of the trip, my friend’s mom told my friend how grateful she should be to have such a graceful friend like me who made sure her birthday remained fun and fabulous.



Body image is a tricky issue in today’s society. From my personal struggle with an eating disorder, I know how the battle can destroy you. I never could accept the thought that I was thin. Thin and fat are so black and white. Describing yourself as lean is a better, friendlier approach to accepting your body.



Trusting your gut is a good skill to have. It shows you are intuitive when you trust yourself, such as by listening to your hunger cues, respecting that you're stressed and need a break or following what feels right for your life. I recently left my course of study at university. After meditating on it and recognizing that this was the best move for me right now in my life, my friends called me intuitive. It’s a great feeling when you can trust your gut; it definitely builds your self-confidence!



The highest compliment in my mind is for you to be invested. "You only live once" is definitely a cliché but it’s true. Invest yourself in the people, the experiences and the moments that fill your life. Let your passions fill you and you will be amazed at the adventure that’s called life.

These are some positive words to describe yourself to help boost your self-confidence. Try out these or see what other words fit. But keep in mind that you are far more than ordinary. What are some other powerful, descriptive words you can use to boost your self-confidence?

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Beautiful. Everyone is beautiful just not everyone can see that.

Amazing Post! Thank you

Inspiring post! This is a must read.

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