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10 Life Changing Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence in Less than 5 Minutes ...

By Sabrina

We all know about the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. But have you ever thought to treat yourself the way you treat others? Think about it; you would never tell your friends "You have too much acne, you need to lose weight, you're undateable" so why do you say those things to yourself? If you're tired of feeling insecure, conquer your self-doubt with self-confidence!

1 Do Something You're Good at

sketch, tourism, drawing, graphic design, Whether it's sketching a picture, playing a quick melody on the piano, singing to yourself in the shower, or a number of other things, remind yourself that you are talented, unique, and valuable today. Are you the next Van Gough, Mozart, or Beyonce? Maybe not. Does that mean you don't deserve to be proud of your skills? Absolutely not! Everyone is good at something; find your talent and devote five minutes of your day to practicing it. Over time, you will produce something you can be proud of.

2 Dress to Impress

person, finger, profession, MAKE, GIF, If you look good, you feel good and vice versa. In our culture, sometimes we think the only way to "look good" is to have no body fat except in your boobs and ass, but the truth is every body is beautiful. And why not clothe your body like the queen you are? Put on a stylish outfit and strut your stuff!


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3 Wear Lingerie

clothing, lingerie, undergarment, finger, cocktail dress, Whether you wear it for five minutes in the morning while you eat your cereal or under your clothes all day at work, wearing lingerie can boost your confidence. It's fun to know a sexy secret that no one else knows, but if you aren't comfortable wearing it around all day, you can simply try it on in the morning and admire your reflection because everyone looks better in lingerie!

4 Talk to Yourself

person, image, costume, finger, mascot, We all do it anyway, so you might as well make talking to yourself a part of your daily routine! Whenever I'm feeling down about my body, I just stare at myself in the mirror and say "I love you." Is that embarrassing? Probably. Do I care? Not really! Self-love is so important and so underrated. Words really make a difference in how you feel. Your body does so much for you every day, make sure it knows that you love and appreciate it!

5 One Sentence a Day

guitar, musical instrument, guitarist, LIVE, Aqs, Get a journal and write one positive sentence about yourself every day. Keep that sentence in mind all day as a weapon against self-doubt and insecurity. At the end of the week, read those sentences over again and try your best to believe them.

6 Exercise

person, leg, human positions, human action, sports, Nothing boosts confidence like progress. You body is capable of accomplishing so much if you just set your mind to it. Set a goal for yourself—for example, being able to touch your toes. Stretch every morning for five minutes until you achieve your goal. Then move on to a new goal like being about to do more push-ups or sit ups. If you keep working toward new goals, you'll never stop amazing yourself and boosting your confidence!

7 5 Minutes of Solitude

swimming pool, skin, bathing, You are an amazing individual, you just might not know it yet. There's so much clutter and noise in our lives because of work, school, TV, and social media, it's often hard to find some quiet time to get to know yourself. But when you allow yourself a few moments of solitude, you'll see that you're funny, clever, creative, and interesting. How can you not love someone like that!

8 Spray Perfume

human action, hair, person, girl, hairstyle, Spritzing on some of your favorite fragrance is a great way (and an easy one) to boost your self confidence. If you feel you smell nice, you'll be able to carry yourself tall and feel much better about yourself.

9 Walk Tall

, This is so simple yet so overlooked. Straightening your posture-shoulders back, chest out, chin up- will help you at least fake confidence to others. And if others think you're confident, you'll begin to feel confident. Sitting straight boosts your mood and self esteem which will lead to even greater self confidence in life.

10 Smile

human action, face, hair, person, nose, Smiling is the simplest way to boost self confidence! Flashing your pearly whites will give you confidence and composure on the outside, which will radiate to the inner you. Smiling helps combat stress, relax you, and give you a greater sense of happiness on the inside.

For some of us, confidence is even harder to achieve than our goal body or perfect makeup look. Confidence requires a complete change in mindset that requires a little bit of effort over a long period of time. What do you do to boost your self-confidence?

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