10 Life Changing 😱 Ways to Boost 🔋 Your Self Confidence 😉 in Less than 5 Minutes ⏲ ...

We all know about the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. But have you ever thought to treat yourself the way you treat others? Think about it; you would never tell your friends "You have too much acne, you need to lose weight, you're undateable" so why do you say those things to yourself? If you're tired of feeling insecure, conquer your self-doubt with self-confidence!

1. Do Something You're Good at

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Whether it's sketching a picture, playing a quick melody on the piano, singing to yourself in the shower, or a number of other things, remind yourself that you are talented, unique, and valuable today. Are you the next Van Gough, Mozart, or Beyonce? Maybe not. Does that mean you don't deserve to be proud of your skills? Absolutely not! Everyone is good at something; find your talent and devote five minutes of your day to practicing it. Over time, you will produce something you can be proud of.

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