Tips to Help You Face😳 Your Fears and Conquer Even Your Scariest 💀👹 Dreams ...

Fear can stop ✋ you in your tracks. It can smother you, strangle you, drain you of inspiration and motivation, and leave you stagnant. It has so much power, yet it's a conquerable foe. The battle isn't easy by any means, but worthwhile things rarely come easily and self-growth almost never does. You have to face down your fears, however, and conquer the dreams and worries that terrify you the most. You have to so that you can go on to find joy, success, and confidence. Your future can be fearless.

1. Lean into Your Fear and Don't Let It Rule 👑 You

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The scariest things are the biggest barriers. When you're scared 😨 of something, you don't even want to think about doing it, trying it, or facing it. The thought 💭 terrifies you. That's why it's so important to lean right into your fear. Whatever it takes, step up to it. A fear of driving, flying, going to the dentist, going back to school 🏫 – why is it so scary? It's not. Nothing is so scary 👹 that it should have the power to rule 👑 over you.

2. Relax 💆 Your Body and Keep an Open Mind

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You're brave for facing your fear, whatever it is. Making the step to face your fear head on is courageous. Once you reach this point, try to keep your mind as open as possible. Don't go into this brave journey with preconceived notions about how scary 👻 it is – that defeats you before you even start. A relaxed body and an open mind will help you conquer the things that scare you the most.

3. Make Fun of Your Fear

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Take a page out of the Hogwarts playbook, wave your wand, and cast a Riddikulus spell over your personal Boggart. Turn it into something laughable! Picture the most absurd scenario you possibly can, as it relates to your fear. Write ✒️ it down if you want – not only can you share it with other people, but you can save it for yourself. Read it and laugh 😃 at the thing that scares you whenever it threatens to overwhelm you.

4. It's Only ✖️ Amount of Time 🕘 out of Your Day

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My wife taught me this trick. Anytime I'm doing something I don't want to do, something that makes me nervous, or something that outright terrifies me, I remind myself that it's only so much time 🕟 out of my day – hell, out of my life. The horrifying trip to the dentist? That's just an hour. My first plane ✈️ trip? Just 120 minutes. You can withstand anything if it's only five minutes, an hour, or even a single day out of your life.

5. Believe in Yourself First

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You have to believe in yourself. You are your own best cheerleader. It doesn't matter that you're scared 😨 of this one thing – that's not a weakness, it doesn't make you any less awesome 👍 than you are. You can do anything, you can be anything, and you can overcome anything. Trust that.

6. Get Comfortable with Your Fear

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Get to know it. Get intimate with it. Find out everything you possibly can. Research 🖥 the hell out of the subject. Dissect it down to its barest essence. Fear of anything is essentially fear of what you don't know or understand. Once you understand the ins and outs of your particular fear, you might find it difficult to feel scared 😱 anymore.

7. Always, Always, Always Keep Your Thoughts Positive

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Negative thoughts only add fuel ⛽ to the fire 🔥 when you're afraid of something. They keep you panicked, paranoid, and unsure. This isn't the time ⌛ for pessimism. This is the time ⌚ for every glass 🍷 half full. Positive thoughts will keep your mind in a positive, hopeful place, and that's exactly where it needs to be.

Have you ever been so afraid 😨 of something that it stood in the way of your goals? How did you overcome it?

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