30 Days πŸ—“ to a More Confident You πŸ˜‰ ...

Confidence is something you have to work on sometimes. There are probably days when you feel really good about yourself and days when you think you're terrible. I've been there many times. It's important to understand that you're still a great and wonderful person, even on a down day. I know it can be hard to remember that, which is why I'm sharing all of these handy tips with you. Each one will boost confidence and make you feel as totally awesome as you are in a month or less.

1. Try a New Hair Look

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There are so many easy ways to change up your hair. Going for something new and fresh instantly makes any girl feel better and all of the compliments you'll get will only make things that much better. Try a new color or style. For something a little bit less extreme, consider a new hair accessory such as a cute bobby pin or headband. Something new each day will make this the month of everlasting confidence.

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