New Year's 🎊 Resolutions to Achieve in a Week 📅 All Impatient People Will Love 💗 ...

We've all done it. Made a New Year's resolution that we didn't keep. Experts say that a good majority of people who make resolutions abandon them within the first couple of weeks. Perhaps your resolution was too hard to stick with or you just don't have time to make the effort. Whatever is holding you back, consider making a resolution you can reach in a week this year and you'll feel super successful and you'll reach a goal you make for yourself. There's no better way to start off the New Year! Here are some New Year's resolutions you can achieve in a week.

1. Save More Money

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This definitely tops my list this year. You can certainly make this a resolution that you work on all year long, but you can also cross it off in a just a week. Get a change jar to collect loose coins and set up automatic withdrawals to your savings account. There - saving has never been so easy!

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