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How to Make Yourself a 1 Priority Not an Afterthought ...

By Jennifer

Repeat after me: I'm important! Why the psych exercise? Because honestly, sometimes we forget, and we really need to start making sure we're a priority, not an afterthought. Here's how we can get started on that goal, stat.

1 Embrace the Idea

Until you embrace the concept that you're important, too, you won't make much progress. I know it may be difficult to put yourself in your own Top List, especially if you have other people to care for, but you won't be able to take care of anyone else if you're not tip-top too.

2 Learn to Say No

This one was really hard for me to learn: you don't have to always say yes to every single thing the people in your life request. It's okay to say no, and in fact, it'll make people a lot less likely to use you as a doormat when you do.


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3 Set Time Aside

It's also a good idea to set a little time aside every day -- seriously, even just 15 minutes will work -- to do something that's purely for you. Give yourself a quick facial, read a book, knit a scarf; do whatever makes you happy and helps you unwind.

4 Sleep, Sweetie!

Another fantastic way to make yourself a priority is to be sure you're getting the sleep you need. You'll be healthier and happier if you're getting your solid sleepy eight each night.

5 Squad Goals

If you're having a hard time being especially good to yourself, why not get the squad involved and set some solid squad-love goals? Chances are, your best girls could use a little encouragement in putting their needs at the top of their to-do lists too.

6 Ditch the Bitch

Frenemies and other negative people in your life will only bring you down, so why do you keep them around? Ditch them quick,and get on with your happy, healthy life.

7 Get Physical

Aside from the time you make to pursue your own happy, make sure you're also getting a good 20-minute workout in each day. If you're really into it, make sure you're not working out more than an hour (unless you're training for something), so you don't injure yourself.

Try to do at least one of these each day for a week, then start combining them daily and see how much better, bolder, and braver you feel... remember, you're important! Do you have any other ideas to share?

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