Learning Your Inner Strength when You Just Cant Find Your Way ...

By Laura

Learning Your Inner Strength  when You Just Cant  Find Your Way  ...

You've got this. You've got the strength to get up and survive whatever it is that's knocked you down. You are far too wonderful to stay fallen for very long. Remember in the midst of the darkness and pain, you can be your own hero. You can pick yourself up and save yourself. You are far too brave to not survive the darkness. Your bravery and strength and courage will conquer the world one day if you let it.

Life sucks sometimes-well, a lot of the time-and that's okay! Because happiness is what you bring to your life. Surround yourself with positive energy, positive people, positive vibes and pretty soon you too will be positive and overwhelmed with all the amazing things happening to you!

It's easy to believe that all of this will crush you; that you're incapable of surviving even the biggest heartbreak of your life, or the death of a dear family member; it's even easy to believe you won't survive losing a lifelong friendship-but I've got big news for you so listen closely..... YOU.CAN.SURVIVE.THIS.

Survival is your only choice. Want to know why? Because there's people who need you in their life that you haven't even met yet! Your survival of the pain and shiftiness could mean the survival of 5 or 10, or 100 other people later on! You need to think of your life beyond the here and now and remember this life may be more than you bargained for....

Dig deep. Dig to the deepest, darkest, depths of your soul and find your strength, and when you do, your world will go from being black to being the most bright and colorful place you've ever been. You will enjoy waking up again which will be such a refreshing feeling. You will enjoy going out, talking with friends, and laughing will no longer be a chore.

You'll look back on these days and be grateful you never gave up. You will be grateful you gave yourself purpose again because without it you wouldn't be here-and what a sad dark world that would be for everyone who loves you. What a sad dark world it would be for people who didn't get the chance to meet you in all your amazing glory.

So next time you wake up and think everything is against you and you just can't bear the pain of your life anymore, do me a favor? Get out of bed. Drag yourself to the closest mirror. And whether you're crying, or sleeping, or just plain feeling shitty, look in the mirror and repeat after me... "You've got this." Because you really do.

Keep repeating this until you believe it because it really is true. You really are the world's greatest individual and you will one day have a million pieces of happiness in your world. I'm sorry today is not that day, however, if you keep fighting it, you will take even longer to find true happiness.

So open your heart. Let the love of others wash over you. Stop being so pessimistic and be able to love yourself above anyone else because loving you is the only important thing in a young girls life. she must always love herself before she can even begin to let another person love her.

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