Simple Ways to STOP Social Media Comparisons before It Destroys Your Self Esteem ...

By Jessica

Simple Ways to STOP Social Media Comparisons before It Destroys Your Self Esteem ...

I have a love/hate relationship with social media and I think most of us can agree! We love the relationships it maintains, how it builds personal brands by gaining exposure, and just how freaking inspirational it can be! On the "hate" side of things, it's so easy to compare your life with those you see in your feed. Instagram has painted this perfect picture of how life *should* look and just how beautiful it can be. Comparison usually leads to jealousy and really ugly emotions that aren't healthy. Generally speaking, changing your mindset is key to being happy and stopping compassion in its tracks! Keep reading for some practical ways to do just that!

Table of contents:

  1. be happy for other people's success 😊👍🏻
  2. you are enough 💋🤗✌🏼️
  3. use comparison as a motivator 💪🏽💥
  4. there's always a process ⚡️📝
  5. ask questions 🗣✍🏼
  6. limit social media time 👀🙈📵
  7. unfollow people 🚷✂️

1 Be Happy for Other People's Success 😊👍🏻

I read somewhere that we should pay attention to those who are genuinely happy for our success. Those are the people to keep around and it's a character trait everyone should emulate! Once you start celebrating other people happiness and feeling genuinely sad when hardships arise, you will feel joy and happiness yourself x10!

2 You Are Enough 💋🤗✌🏼️

Along with comparison comes the feeling of being inadequate- that someone else's life is more important, that they're doing bigger and better things. This is simply not the case. You are unique and have things to offer the world that no one else can! You are, and will always be, enough and don't let anyone tell you (or make you feel) otherwise! Stop the negative self-talk and your life will instantly improve.

3 Use Comparison as a Motivator 💪🏽💥

Instead of having comparison being a negative, ugly thing in your life, use it for good instead! Comparison can be the perfect motivating tool for you to reach your goals. If you see someone who's life you want for yourself, don't be afraid to go out and make your dreams happen. Rembember that nothing will change in your life if you simply let it pass you by!

4 There's Always a Process ⚡️📝

For anyone to achieve their life goals, there's a process involved and you must remember that! For end results to show fruit, often times there's a process of trial and error with a TON of hard work before hand. So don't compare your process with sometimes else's end result.👌🏼

5 Ask Questions 🗣✍🏼

Dare to be bold and approach someone who's life you admire and wish to emulate. Ask them exactly how they ended up where they are and what steps they took to achieve their dreams. If you can push past any any insecurities, you can really learn from those you admire!

6 Limit Social Media Time 👀🙈📵

Honestly, if social media is just causing you too much anxiety and jealous feelings, maybe it's time to limit its use in your life. Delete the apps on your phone and only check it periodically or when you need it for promotional purposes.

7 Unfollow People 🚷✂️

As a final resort, don't hesitate to delete or unfollow people who's live's you're jealous of. If your thoughts are hindering you and you just can't get out of them, cutting people out of your social media circle can be a healthy thing (and whom aren't real life friends with anyway). If something isn't adding value to your life and allowing you to be your best self, no matter what that may be, it's time to let it go.

When you begin to compare the negatives in your own life with the picture-perfect positives of everyone else on social media, it steals joy and happiness from you. And you have to remember that what you're seeing is a person's highlights, not daily norms. Figure out what YOU want from your own life and once that is established, everyone else's life won't seem to glamorous or enviable. 💃🏻✊🏼😎

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