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How to Overcome the Fear of Not Being Good Enough ...

By Helena

First off - it's completely normal to feel not good enough at one point or another in your life. Perhaps something, big or small, happened that leaves you feel inadequate or maybe you've just got a budding feeling for no real reason that you're not good enough. We all get those feelings - the trick is teaching yourself how to get out of your funk and to learn your self-worth. And these seven tricks are just enough to help you do that.

Table of contents:

  1. We can't hate ourselves into becoming a person we love
  2. Your mind is an excellent liar - when that negative inner voice comes through, ignore it!
  3. Accept yourself as is in order to be filled with self-love
  4. Everyone thinks there's someone better than themselves - you're not alone
  5. You're still on this earth because you have a purpose
  6. Don't strive for perfection, go for the best version of you
  7. Look for the silver lining in every situation

1 We Can't Hate Ourselves into Becoming a Person We Love

If you're constantly criticising yourself, you will never be able to realise your skills, talents, and achievements. Hate only harbours more hate! That means, that you should start noticing the things you're good at, the great person that you are, and the fabulous things you do for others in order to begin to love yourself.

2 Your Mind is an Excellent Liar - when That Negative Inner Voice Comes through, Ignore It!

The mind is an extremely complex entity. It has the ability to persuade you that you're not good enough at an alarmingly convincing rate. But it's so tiresome giving into all of the negative thoughts your mind conjures up! It's healthier and safer for you to try and ignore those negative thoughts.

3 Accept Yourself as is in Order to Be Filled with Self-love

There is not a single chance that you can learn to love you in the future if you can't stand the sight of yourself right now. Take the time to recognise the wonderful things you do and the perfect person that you are now, in order to live a future full of love for yourself.

4 Everyone Thinks There's Someone Better than Themselves - You're Not Alone

Even the most popular person, or the person you think is the smartest, funniest, or prettiest has negative thoughts. They too think that there is someone smarter, funnier, or prettier than them. It's a normal part of being alive.

5 You're Still on This Earth Because You Have a Purpose

You're still alive and breathing. There is blood pumping through your veins, and you're feeling all kinds of strong emotions. That is because you are MEANT to be alive. There is a purpose for you on this Earth!

6 Don't Strive for Perfection, Go for the Best Version of You

You don't need to get a perfect score on an exam, or the first job interview you go on - if you did, you'd actually be considered a superhuman! No one is perfect at everything. If you focus on the things you are merely good at, that is more than enough to know that you are special, talented, and amazing. if you're constantly trying to perfect everything, you will never be happy.

7 Look for the Silver Lining in Every Situation

Everything happens for a reason. So while you may not feel good enough after you don't win a competition, or get your dream job - this happened because it wasn't the right opportunity for you. It means that, something better is right around the corner, waiting for you!

Above all else however, you should never feel ashamed for your feelings of self-doubt because it really is a normal thing that everyone experiences - even if they don't admit it. The most important thing is that you rise up and try to change those bad feelings in order to be the person you were put on this Earth to be - a simply amazing one!

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