Small Yet Meaningful Ways Ladies Can Support Each Other Daily ...


Small Yet Meaningful Ways Ladies Can Support Each Other Daily ...
Small Yet Meaningful Ways Ladies Can Support Each Other Daily ...

Look in the comments section of any article or blog geared toward women and you'll see a devastating pattern of behavior that revolves around vitriolic, misogynistic language from both men and women. This isn't a post meant to tear down anyone, nor is it meant to convert anyone to feminism – we're not even talking about that right now because regardless of how you feel about feminism, the fact is that as women, we need to support, uplift, and inspire our sisters. Women are under attack from all sides. We deal with sexual assault and abuse, misogyny, professional barriers, and spiteful behavior on the daily. It's time to stop fighting, at least among ourselves.

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girl, fun, friendship, Listen to women when they speak to you. Listen to their experiences. Really hear what they're trying to say, especially if their experiences are different from yours. Never shut down a conversation simply because your experience is different.



human hair color, hairstyle, blond, girl, friendship, That being said, it is important to share your experiences. You never know when your story might uplift another woman, inspire her, or somehow help her feel like she's not alone.


Stop Slut-shaming

human hair color, photo caption, girl, conversation, brown hair, You are in control of your body. You are not in control of anyone else's body. You are in control of your choices, morals, and preferences. You are not in control of anyone else's choices, morals, and preferences. Treating a woman as if she's lesser, somehow dirty, or "easy" simply because she may be more sexually active than you is wrong.


Stop Body-shaming

chin, girl, socialite, long hair, brown hair, Don't shame women for being overweight or underweight, for being curvy or thin, for being short or tall. Don't shame other women for any part of their bodies. Why would you want to?


Stop Shaming, Period

human hair color, blond, chin, girl, mouth, It's time for women to stop shaming each other about anything. Even if you don't agree with a woman's choices, there is no reason to shame her, gossip about her, or judge her. Would you want to be on the receiving end of that?


Embrace Intersectionality

photograph, black and white, beauty, emotion, photography, There are so many women in the world. We come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. We're at varying places on the gender spectrum. Remember, the experiences that women of color have are different than the experiences a white woman has. The experiences a trans woman has are different than the experiences a cisgender woman has. To embrace women at all, it is essential to support all women.


Ask Other Women Questions about Their Experiences

drink, friendship, drinking, fun, girl, This goes back to number one. Showing your vested interest in another woman's experiences is an excellent way to support and uplift her.


Have Candid Conversations

girl, sitting, leg, Get honest. Without honesty, we can't make progress.


Talk about Uncomfortable Subjects

girl, fun, friendship, product, To that end, don't be afraid of discussing the uncomfortable subjects, even if you feel awkward. Especially if you feel awkward, really. The most important things are often the hardest to say. If we don't tackle the uncomfortable topics, how will we ever get past them?


Give Compliments Freely and Sincerely

girl, photo caption, long hair, brown hair, friendship, Tell a stranger you love her eyes. Tell a coworker she's doing a fantastic job. Tell a friend you're proud of her. Don't be shy about giving compliments.


Don't Give in to Girl Fights

mammal, vertebrate, hand, product, flooring, There's nothing worse than pitting women against each other. Don't give in to that mentality. You are not in competition with other women. You don't make yourself look better when you tear down someone else.


Treat Women as Sisters, Not Competition

photograph, facial expression, black and white, beauty, smile, Again, women aren't competition! These are your sisters in solidarity.


Don't Fight over Men or Women

human hair color, kiss, emotion, girl, blond, Fighting over a partner is unnecessary and toxic. If someone in your life is trying to pit you against another woman, walk away from that person and befriend the "other woman" instead!


Applaud Successes Instead of Feeling Jealousy

red, singer, human hair color, singing, music artist, It's natural to envy someone else's success, but jealousy is toxic, too. Be proud of the women in your life who attain success.


Collaborate, Don't Compete

girl, Competition is so toxic that maybe it's time to flip the script. The next time you feel like you have to compete with a woman at work, at the gym, at school, or anywhere else, collaborate with her instead. Two heads are better than one, right?


Be a Mentor

photo caption, girl, film, Set an example for women in your life. Mentor someone who needs help, experience, or advice. You'll find that it's fulfilling for both of you.


Open Yourself up to Female Friendship

communication, conversation, interaction, girl, human behavior, There is nothing like female friendship. It's all-encompassing, deep, and strong. You don't need a Ya Ya sisterhood, necessarily, but a group of close women friends can change your life for the better.


Don't Tear down Other Women to Build up Yourself

girl, interaction, human body, hand, human, This just bears repeating.


Be Respectful, Even when It's Hard

human hair color, eyebrow, lady, hairstyle, girl, Sometimes, it is really hard to be respectful to some people. Try your best, though, especially when it's hard. You never know what someone else might be dealing with and, besides, there's no reason to let someone else's attitude affect yours.


Believe Other Women

black, photograph, black and white, monochrome photography, photography, Believe their stories, their traumas, their triumphs, and their tragedies. Believe them. Don't automatically doubt the experiences other women share with you.


Embrace Different Opinions

beauty, long hair, socialite, brown hair, girl, Everybody has an opinion, just like everybody has an anus. Sometimes they stink, but they're still there. Instead of closing yourself off to different opinions, listen to them. You may not change your mind, but you'll have a new perspective that may color your beliefs in the future.

How do you uplift other women?

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@Sara 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

@Pink Blossom: Well, walking around completely naked is illegal- an is punishable by law- in most places I would think. That said, I don't think that it isn't okay to show how much or how little skin you want on your own time (when you're representing something/someone else you should consider their choices). If a woman WANTS to wear long jeans and a turtleneck - fine. If a woman WANTS to wear that low-cut shirt with that awesome mini-skirt - fine. If a woman WANTS to wear an oversized sweater with that short skirt - FINE! It's about letting a woman CHOOSE what she wants or does not want to do with her body. JUST LIKE men do WITHOUT IT BEING QUESTIONED AND JUDGED. That's all. Why not?

I agree with all of them, except the whole "your body, your rules" one.. Like seriously? That gives you the right to walking around completely naked like it's okay?

Beautiful article so thankyou for that. Bless u

3 to 6 give me life

Great article Hun !

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