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Little Ways to Build Self Confidence for Girls Lacking ...

By Leiann

Every girls needs little ways to build self-confidence. What is important to you? Real confidence comes from this. Then, with this in mind, exploit your strengths, minimalize your weaknesses then realize your opportunities. Take small steps to uplift and build upon. Little tasks can lead you toward this. Here are a few little ways to build self-confidence to get you started!

1 What ARE You Good at? Take Inventory

Whether it is cleaning, singing, cooking, etc., be proud of yourself. That's one of the best little ways to build self-confidence.

2 Accept a Compliment!

Approval from an admirer can be uplifting.


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3 Read!

Knowledge of politics, to football, to etc., will make you well-rounded.

4 Take on a New Hobby

Challenge yourself to find the courage you never knew you had.

5 Take on a Healthy Lifestyle

You will feel good on the inside AND outside.

6 Talk to Everyone

Say "hello" or "morning" to one, then two, then three, etc. Give people a chance to get to know you.

7 Find a New Scent

Go to the tester counter, spray on perfume until you get that eureka moment! A study found that 90% of women who wear perfume feel more confident than those who don't.

8 Turn on the Tunes

With body and mind, there are 20 health benefits!

9 Take Selfies

A flattering photo, is, well, flattering!

10 Flirt!

A game between a guy and a gal. What isn't fun about that?

If you start to doubt, write down or type these doubts and challenge them. Defeat the negative self-talk. Then, your confidence will not be destroyed.


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