EmpoweringTips for GirlsWho Feel Invisible and Overlooked ...


EmpoweringTips for GirlsWho Feel Invisible and Overlooked ...
EmpoweringTips for GirlsWho Feel Invisible and Overlooked ...

We all have moments of feeling invisible and overlooked but if it’s more than a rare occurrence for you then you need these empowering tips. You don’t have to feel that way or be treated that way. These steps can help you to restore your power and your inner joy!

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Take Responsibility for Your Part in the Situation

There’s a part of feeling invisible and overlooked that comes from the way others treat you and there’s a part that comes from within yourself. You have to take responsibility for your part. If you’re wondering what your part is, it’s believing you’re invisible and overlooked. It’s expecting that treatment and believing you deserve it. Before you can do anything else, you have to realize those are lies and stop believing them.


Resolve to Treat Yourself as an Important Person Going Forward 🌠

Guess what? You actually have a lot of power over how others treat you. You set the standard for it yourself. If you treat yourself as a valuable and important person then others are more likely to, as well. Of course, there’ll be exceptions to that but that’s exactly what they are- exceptions rather than the norm.


Speak up for Yourself 👊

So what do you do when you run into one of those exceptions? A person that treats you as if you’re invisible? You speak up for yourself! Yes, it can feel scary and difficult but you can do it. Don’t settle for being treated as less than you are. You’re a person with worth and it’s okay to remind others of that.


Don’t Settle for Friendships with Takers

Friendships come in all sorts of personalities. You may find yourself in a friendship with someone who’s a giver, a taker or best of all, a little of both. That’s how true friendship is designed to work. You’re there for each other, giving love, encouragement and support as well as leaning on your friend when your life is a little rough. It’s not true friendship if one of you is always the giver and the other is always the taker.


Stop Being a Wallflower 🌼

This’s not easy! Especially if you’re a naturally introverted person, which I am so I can relate. But I’ll tell you, if you purpose to blend in, you’ll be overlooked by your own choosing. It’s hard to put yourself out there but you can do it. Sometimes you have to just pretend you’re more social than you really are. It’s a perfect example of faking it till you make it.


Have a Plan for Social Events

Social events are easiest for you when you have a plan. Here’re some ideas you can use. You could go with a friend or date so you have them for companionship. You could also give some thought to who you might feel comfortable mingling with at the event. Thinking on some subjects to talk about ahead of time is a good idea, too.


Give up Your Approval Addiction

This isn’t something that happens easily or overnight. It’s generally something you have to work on over a period of time. Most people can’t just wake up one morning and give up their addiction to approval all at once. It involves a lot of inner coaching and that’s okay. In time, it will show in your beautiful self!

These are some tips you can use to help you overcome feeling invisible and overlooked. Which ones are the right ideas for you to use? Share your thoughts with me!

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Ingenious advice!! Thanks. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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