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Mind-Blowing Ways Working Women Inspire Us Every Day ...

By Alison

If you're planning to go back to work after having children, you may be feeling a bit guilty that you don't want to or can't be a full-time parent. But you shouldn't feel bad about working. Sometimes we need to work for economic reasons, or because we wouldn't be happy being at home all day. Here's why working women are an inspiration to all of us …

1 Equality

Women might be the ones who have to give birth, but why should they automatically be the ones to stay at home? Dads can be just as good at providing childcare! Or perhaps both parents want to work outside the home. Women have an equal right to enjoy a career; not everyone is made for full-time childcare.

2 They're Making a Financial Contribution to the Family

It's a fair exchange if one parent works while another provides the childcare. But some want to support their family financially as well. Working moms are making a financial contribution to the family and are showing their kids the importance of earning their own money.

3 They're Showing That Women Can do Everything Men Can

Working women show that women can do anything that men can. Some professions are still very much male dominated, although things are slowly changing. The more working women there are, the greater the chance of women making their mark in business. And also, it shows that women don't have to give up work when they have children (there are still people who believe that!).

4 Looking after Your Future

Working women show that there is life after having kids, and that it's smart to take care of your financial future by working and saving. Taking a career break can seriously affect your career prospects, especially if you're in a profession that's constantly changing and developing. You should always ensure that you'll have enough money to live in retirement, and that you can support yourself.

5 They're Being Realistic

Another example that working women offer is that they're being realistic. Being a parent is a very important job, and some women want to devote themselves to that job. Others recognise that they need more in their lives, and by working they are being a happier person. That doesn't mean they are short-changing their kids; a happy parent is better for everyone.

6 They Have Time Management Skills

Working moms are excellent at time management - they have to be! They need to pick their kids up, be at work on time, do their share of household jobs and fit in leisure activities. Moms know everything there is to know about organising a household and making sure everything gets done.

7 They're Determined

Working women are pretty determined. They want to earn their own money and have a balance in their lives (as lovely as kids are, being with them full-time isn't for everyone). They want to enjoy 'adult time' as well as raise their kids, and value their career. And they find a way to make it all work, in spite of the complications that can be involved!

You shouldn't feel bad if you want or need to work - and equally, if you prefer to be a full-time parent you shouldn't feel guilty that you're not earning. Each family has to make the right decisions for them. Did your mom work, and how did you feel about that?

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