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Whether or not you're in a relationship, you should set a few goals for yourself in order to feel like an independent woman. Each and every one of us leads a completely different type of life, which means that we all have different wants and desires, but there are some things we all have in common. Here are some goals that all of you independent women should probably set:

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Make Enough Money to Support Yourself

The number one goal for all of you independent women out there should be to make enough money to support yourself financially. While there's nothing wrong with pooling your money together with your boyfriend, it's always nice to know you can take care of yourself. After all, you don't want to end up staying with a bad boyfriend because you need his money to keep surviving.


For independent women, there are many goals to consider. Achieving financial independence is one of the most important. Having enough money to support yourself gives you the freedom to make decisions based on what's best for you, rather than being limited by financial constraints. It also allows you to pursue your passions and dreams without relying on someone else. Additionally, it can give you a sense of security and peace of mind knowing you have the means to take care of yourself and your family. Women can achieve financial independence through budgeting, saving, and investing.


Land Your Dream Job

This is probably already on your to-do list, because everyone dreams of landing a certain job. However, you should stop and think if you're really doing enough to achieve your goal. If you're not, then you need to change your routine or your attitude, because landing your dream job should be one of your top priorities.


Learn Self-Defense Moves

You should learn how to take care of yourself. Whether you take a kickboxing class for a few months or ask your brother to teach you his wrestling techniques, it helps to know as much about fighting as you can. You never know when you'll need to put those Jackie Chan skills to use.


Get an Apartment on Your Own

Think of how much fun it would be to get an apartment with your gal pals! It would be like having a sleepover every single night of your life. Or, if you have enough money, try living on your own. Forget playing The Sims, because now you can decorate an entire living space all on your own.


Become a Little Girl's Role Model

Maybe you'll have a little girl one day and become her role model in life. Maybe you'll end up working at a daycare or as a lifeguard and meet a kid that looks up to you. Whatever the case, it's always nice to know that you're someone's role model. It means you must be doing something right.


Make the First Move on a Guy

Being an independent woman doesn't mean that you have to stop dating. The next time you see a hot guy that you'd like to get to know better (wink, wink), you should approach him and make the first move. Even if you get rejected, it'll make you feel like a strong woman who isn't afraid to go after what she wants.


Take a Road Trip with Your Gal Pals

Grab your favorite group of girls and take a road trip across the country--or at least a few miles away from your hometown. You can either have a destination in mind, or you can just drive for the sake of driving. As long as you're with your buddies, you'll find a way to have fun, even when you don't know where the heck you're going.

You can be an independent girl while single or while happily married. All it means is that you're capable of taking care of yourself when you need to do so. What are your biggest goals in life?

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Love this article So needed

If only I could find good girl pals here! 😳 so far it's been a rough road with all the backbiting and cliche stuff. It's so disappointing!

This is so true. Most people really focus on dating and boyfriends, they don't focus on there self! Don't get me wrong I want a boyfriend more then the next girl but also learn how to be and independent woman.

Love this article ! Very edgucational

I totally needed this!

Love this article !!

Good advice to try to be self supportive . Gives you much more confidence and hopefully the man respects you for it. Even when married it is good to have your own income. Ideal to then have three bank accounts between you,one joint one for expenses for house bills etc,and one each for yourselves to spend as you wish.

Yes yes yes

So true, just don't have gals who want to just go away anymore... 😩

Love this article. I totally needed this. ❤️

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