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Do you feel that women don't get as many chances as men to be successful in work? Or that men have all the advantages in life generally? If we want to be successful, though, we have to make the effort. Success won't just be handed to us - and if it were, we'd be complaining that we were only given the job because we're female, not because we deserve it! So these are the steps we should be taking to get ahead …

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Show Your Strengths

Most of us suck at being complimentary to ourselves! But to get ahead, you should identify what your strengths are - and show them. Don't be shy about coming forwards; make sure that people know that you came up with successful ideas. You should also show what you have to offer the company, and how you stand out against other candidates.


Be Willing to Learn

You don't have to be perfect. In fact, a willingness to learn from your mistakes will probably be more desirable. It shows that you are willing to try things out and persist until you find what works (just don't make too many mistakes!). Show a clear interest in improving your skills and advancing in the company.


Take Action

Getting ahead doesn't just happen by accident, so be prepared to take action. Successful people are bold and not afraid of failure. In fact, they've probably already failed several times before finally making it. If you want to climb the ladder, you'll need to be dynamic and self-motivated.


Be a Leader

Are you leadership material? Then show it. Demonstrate your leadership skills. Be a confident person; nobody ever got ahead by being a shrinking violet! Step up to the mark and show that you have what it takes to handle a crisis when one hits. Be cool and calm; show that you can handle pressure without cracking, and steer others along the right path.


Be Innovative

If you're going to get ahead, you'll need to be innovative. Endlessly recycling the same old ideas won't just cut it. Look for a fresh angle or completely new ideas. Successful people can spot gaps in the market and identify products or services that will fill those gaps. They also know how to market to their target customers.


Be Committed

While you don't have to spend every waking hour and the office, and sleep there as well, you do need to be committed to getting ahead and doing well in life and at work. Show that you're willing to give the necessary effort. You not only need to believe in yourself, but work hard to show that you're fully committed to doing well.


Be Noticed

You won't get on in business by being shy, so make yourself noticed. You need to network and promote yourself. Talk to people at work functions, get business cards of people you meet, and don't miss an opportunity to expand your professional network. Talk about your work skills and what you are looking for to enhance your career.

Women are every bit as good as men and we need to show that. But don't expect to be promoted just because you're a woman. You've got to earn that promotion, otherwise you're going to flounder - and it wouldn't be worth having anyway. Do you think that women have any advantages in the workplace?

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I did all these things and got a raise and promotion :)

Great tips for women empowerment!!

These are so good!! 😀

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