7 Lines to Remember to Live a Good Life ...

Everyone wants to live a good life. But what exactly is a good life? Well, a good life for me is when you don't have to worry about money because you have enough, you have challenges but not problems, and you're in a good mental, emotional and social state such that you don't find bitterness in your heart and look for faults in other people. Easier said than done, you may say, but it can be done. Here are seven lines I compiled to live a good life.

1. "This Too Shall Pass."

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Google this and your search will tell you that this line came from Persian Sufi poets and Jewish folklore, and used by English poet Edward Fitzgerald and American president Abraham Lincoln. I am not in any way concerned of the origin of this line but I do love the value of humility that it teaches. "This too shall pass" tells us that to live a good life, we make it a mindset that whatever happens - positive or negative - it will soon pass and go. This line taught me to be patient and humble.

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