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How to Rewire Your Brain to Be Happier ...

By Holly

Your perspective on the word can change your experiences in it. If you don't believe it, you should challenge yourself to start living life in new ways. Here are a few different tips for rewiring your brain, so that you're happier:

1 Be Appreciative

Be Appreciative Every time you have the urge to complain about something in your life, replace that negative thought with a positive one. Think of something you're thankful for instead.

2 Be Optimistic

Be Optimistic Don't start your day off with a bad attitude. Act like you know the week is going to go well, and it just might!

3 Fake Your Confidence

Fake Your Confidence "Fake it until you make it." If you fake a smile, it'll eventually turn into a real smile. Try it to see.

4 Find the Silver Lining

Find the Silver Lining Try to get something positive out of every negative experience. If you're upset about losing your job, think of all of the other (better) jobs that you can now apply for.

5 Surround Yourself with Positive People

Surround Yourself with Positive People If you want to be happier, you should surround yourself with happy people. Their attitude will rub off on you.

6 Start Listening to Happier Music

Start Listening to Happier Music Stop listening to the sad love songs you've grown to love. Put on something upbeat instead, something that contains hopeful lyrics.

7 Take Care of Your Body

Take Care of Your Body A healthy body can lead to a healthy mind. That's why you should exercise, eat right, and get enough sleep each night.

8 Get a Pet

Get a Pet People bring puppies into hospitals for a reason. They can really lift a person's spirits, so if you have the time and money for a pet, go buy one.

9 Find Things to Look Forward to

Find Things to Look Forward to If you have something to look forward to at the end of each week, it'll be easier to get through your days. So plan out something fun for the weekend!

10 Set Goals

Set Goals If you set miniature, realistic goals for yourself each day, you'll feel accomplished.

11 Dont Be Afraid to Spend Money

Dont Be Afraid to Spend Money You made money so that you could spend it. So if a new pair of boots would make you happy, buy them.

12 Observe Other’s Happiness

Observe Other’s Happiness Don't get angry when you see someone humming on the bus. Instead, look at how happy they are and let it rub off on you.

13 Don’t Let Your Days Go to Waste

Don’t Let Your Days Go to Waste If you spend each day of your life lounging around without trying to accomplish anything, you'll never be happy. You can't let your days go to waste. Productivity can lead to happiness.

14 Listen to Inspirational Speakers

Listen to Inspirational Speakers Instead of watching funny YouTube videos, listen to inspirational videos or read inspirational novels. They can change your view on the world.

15 Stop Criticizing Yourself

Stop Criticizing Yourself Stop telling yourself how ugly you are whenever you look in the mirror. If you force yourself to stop your self-criticism, you'll see a huge change in your mood.

16 Let Go of Your Grudges

Let Go of Your Grudges If you stay mad at your coworker for that nasty thing she said two months ago, you're never going to get along with her. You need to learn to forgive her, so that you don't hold anger in your heart.

17 Don’t Reward Yourself when You’re Upset

Don’t Reward Yourself when You’re Upset Don't reward yourself with your favorite music or snacks when you're upset. Reward yourself with them when you're happy!

If you want to live a fulfilling life, you should start by following these tips. What other advice do you have for women who want to rewire their brains to be happier?

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