10 Ways to Bring Control to Your Life when You Feel You've Spun out of It ...


Life is complicated. Fact. Deadlines, commitments, conflict, relationships, personal goals, health … there’s just so much vying for your attention. If you want control over your life and want to give yourself the best chance of success and happiness, you can do these things:

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Breathe! One of the most simple ways to bring control in to your life is to perfect the way that you breathe. It might seem like a silly thing to think about when your life feels out of control, but the process of perfecting inhaling and exhaling in a steady manner is the most basic form of control. Getting a hold of this small control can have major effects on making your feel more secure in broader aspects of your life as well.


Pep Talks

Pep Talks Trust me, talking to oneself isn’t just a practice reserved for the crazy! After all, the only person that has to live your life is you, so in theory who better to talk to about your control than yourself? Set yourself up in front of the mirror every morning and tell yourself exactly what you are going to do today and what you want to achieve. Verbalizing your thoughts, even just to yourself, can be very effective in giving you motivation and a clear path.


Say Thanks

Say Thanks Studies in to human interaction have shown to prove that expressing your gratitude on a regular basis can actually increase your own personal happiness and your levels of productivity. Cultivating gratitude can help you to remain focused and present in the moment, leading to much firmer grip of control and perseverance on your everyday life. If you are feeling a bit lost, test out saying thank you more to see if you find yourself in a better frame of mind.


Study Body Language

Study Body Language Learning to understand body language can be really helpful to a person who feels slightly out of control. It gives you another, deeper level of interaction with which to examine people and ascertain their feelings and emotions towards both you and those around you. On the flip side, knowing how to carry yourself can breed an air of confidence and stability in your own body as well as being able to read others.


Search for Fitness

Search for Fitness It is very common for people who are seeking to get a grip of control on their lives to enter in to a regular and long term exercise regime. Nothing can bring you singular focus like a session on the elliptical or a good long run; it shuts out everything else and forces you to confront the task head on. It not only helps your body to become stronger and fitter, but the endorphins released as a result of the work out can make you feel much happier than you had previously.


Eat Well

Eat Well If your romantic or work like feels out of control, one of the things that you know you can always control for yourself is your diet. Starting with being strict and focused about what your put in to your body, you can start to build up philosophy of control that you can then start to apply to other areas of your life when the time is right.


Good Sleep

Good Sleep It’s vital that you sustain a healthy and regular sleeping pattern if you want to feel in complete control of your life. Feeling too tired either from not sleeping enough or sleeping too much can lead to feeling very detached from the awake world, so make sure you provide the best base for control that you can by getting the recommended hours of shut eye every night.


Take Away Temptations

person, sense, have, under, control, It makes sense to remove the things in your life that are keeping you from gaining control. You want to control your eating habits so you can lose weight? Great! But then that means removing all your vice foods to help protect yourself from snacking.


Treat Yourself Right

black and white, cartoon, monochrome photography, monochrome, album cover, Whether its eating right, buying yourself a reward for doing something good, or getting enough sleep, you have to be kind to your body and your mind in order to feel like you've got control over things.


Try NEw Things

person, muscle, finger, Let's, get, Make an effort to try new things and put yourself out there. You might be surprised at how great it feels which in turn will boost your mood and your mental health. And if worst comes to worst and you don't feel satisfied in the activity and don't want to do it again, at least you can say you tried!

Which factors in your life do you think it’s most important for you to know you have under control?

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I need to do some of these things in 2016. A new year seems like a good time to start. 

Thank you.

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