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How to Embrace and Love Your Inner Weirdo ...

By Neecey

How would my friends and family describe me? I like to think “fabulous and slightly weird *_* And I have no problem with that. I embraced my inner weirdo many years ago and it’s never caused me any issue or held me back from being who I want to be and who I am. We all have our quirks and idiosyncrasies but many suppress them for reasons of insecurity, being judged or just being scared of being thought odd. I say give your dorkiness wings and let it fly.

1 No Such Thing as Normal

No Such Thing as Normal You can start to love your inner weirdness by re-evaluating what you see as ‘normal’. Everybody is different, so just because you have a different personality to your BFF, there is absolutely nothing to say that you are any weirder than anyone else!

2 Think of It as Your Super Power

Think of It as Your Super Power What one person might deem ‘weird’, another person would deem special and unique, so celebrate your quirks by regarding them as super powers! Your quirks are what makes you stand out from other people, just like Superman’s ability to fly makes him different too!

3 It Makes You Memorable

It Makes You Memorable Really, who wants to be just another boring person who doesn’t stand out from the crowd in any way? Not me! Your perceived ‘weirdness’ is exactly that thing that makes you a memorable and fun friend to have. If we were all the same, the world would be one hell of a boring place.

4 Don’t Be Afraid to Be You

Don’t Be Afraid to Be You One thing that world absolutely needs is more authenticity, and your own personal way of being authentic is to not hide the parts of yourself that some silly people might deem weird or unacceptable. A person is only truly happy when they are allowed to be themselves, so embrace it and let your freak flag catch the wind!

5 Hiding Yourself Causes Sadness

Hiding Yourself Causes Sadness We have seen it happen to people time and time again. Hiding your true self and not being allowed to express your personality can cause a great deal of repression and sadness. Nobody has the right to impose restrictions on your character, so don’t fall in to the trap of having to hide who you really are just to make a few others more comfortable.

6 Everything Was Weird Once

Everything Was Weird Once Think about it this way: every single new thing that somebody did once upon a time must have seemed weird to start with! People are just uncomfortable with the unknown and immediately deem things that they have never seen before weird. Just keep on doing what you’re doing and in no time at all there won’t be anything weird about it!

7 Hiding Causes Regrets

Hiding Causes Regrets If you spend all of your time hiding your true self and suppressing your inner weirdness, you will only live to regret it when you look back and remember all of those years when you didn’t live life to the full. Try to live with no regrets and you will have very few memories in which you weren’t your authentic self.

8 Change the World; Don’t Let It Change You

Change the World; Don’t Let It Change You The world can only change and adapt to you if you continue to show it who you really are. If you suppress yourself and just try to fit in with the crowd, nothing will ever change to allow your true character to thrive. Just continue to be yourself and you will find that your ‘weirdness’ becomes less and less conspicuous.

9 Find Your Tribe

Find Your Tribe By making yourself stand out and displaying all of the weird and wonderful sides of your personality, you will soon find that others just like you will become more apparent. You will, in a primitive sense, find your tribe!

10 From Weirdness, Comes Greatness

From Weirdness, Comes Greatness Think about all of the greatest artists and musicians throughout history and you will find one common thread; they were all regarded, during their time, as being weird! From Einstein to Picasso, it seems to be that letting your weirdness be a part of your life can only being great things. Never be ashamed of your quirks, you never know where they might take you!

You really can write your own ticket to Weirdsville. There is beauty in your weirdness simply because it is part of you.

What makes you weird? Let’s swap stories.

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