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I'm here to share with you how to feel happier by borrowing thoughts from the future.

I love borrowing feelings from the future. When I just came back to the big city last year, I was lonely, facing a big reverse-culture shock, and penniless.

I am the kind of gal who needs a relationship. Last year, before I met my current boyfriend, I was feeling super lonely--until the idea of "borrowing feelings from the future" really picked me up. Here's how to feel happier by borrowing thoughts from the future.

1. Imagine the Future

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It is simple. You believe that you will eventually feel great
You imagine the feelings associated with the future state. You accept that it takes some challenges for you to get there. Start to benefit from the good feelings now instead of feeling all the anxiety and loneliness. I closed my eyes and really believed in the future...and got access to my own positivity gold mine...I can't quite see the details but I can certainly feel the good feelings. After that, the more important part is to make the future come true. That's just one answer for how to feel happier by borrowing thoughts from the future.

2. Connect with the Present

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Here are some simple tips that are helpful to connect the future with the present:

- Grab a piece of paper, and draw something that you would define as "your bright future".
- Write a mini-bio for that future you.
- Write some words, adjectives, and feelings associated with the picture and bio.

3. Ask Yourself This

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If things are still unclear for you, answer the questions:
- What is stopping you from reaching your ideal state and bio?
- What would you do if you have made the decision to do exactly what you fear?
- How can you invest in yourself right now to accelerate your path to the future?
- If you have 3 months to live, what would you do?
- If you have 3 years to live, how will you plan it?

Be sure to know that this soul-searching journey never stops.

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