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Frida Kahlo Quotes for Girls Who Want to Set Their Creativity on Fire ...

By Jennifer

Most famous for her romantic side, her wit, charm, artistic ability, and yes, her unapologetic unibrow, Frida Kahlo is one of my personal heroes. A peek at a few of the things she's said, and you'll see why... and maybe she'll inspire your inner artist, too.

Table of contents:

  1. I never painted my dreams...
  2. What doesn’t kill me, nourishes me
  3. Be fearless
  4. Why flowers?
  5. On laughter
  6. Strangeness
  7. A lover like this?
  8. Nothing is absolute...
  9. Where you cannot love, do not delay
  10. Don't build a wall...
  11. If you act like you know what you're doing, you can do whatever you want
  12. The two accidents
  13. Whenever i talk with you, i hunger for you a bit more
  14. We can endure...
  15. Feet, what do i need you for when i have wings to fly?
  16. Don't drink your problems away. it won't work
  17. Everything
  18. Be your own muse
  19. I hope the departure is joyful...
  20. I love you more than my own skin...

1 I Never Painted My Dreams...

Actually, I think she said she never painted her dreams or nightmares...

2 What Doesn’t Kill Me, Nourishes Me

3 Be Fearless

4 Why Flowers?

5 On Laughter

6 Strangeness

7 A Lover like This?

8 Nothing is Absolute...

9 Where You Cannot Love, do Not Delay

10 Don't Build a Wall...

11 If You Act like You Know What You're Doing, You Can do Whatever You Want

12 The Two Accidents

"I suffered two serious accidents, one in which a bus knocked me to the ground. The other accident is Diego. Diego was the worst."

13 Whenever I Talk with You, I Hunger for You a Bit More

14 We Can Endure...

15 Feet, What do I Need You for when I Have Wings to Fly?

16 Don't Drink Your Problems Away. It Won't Work

17 Everything

18 Be Your Own Muse

19 I Hope the Departure is Joyful...

20 I Love You More than My Own Skin...

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