💬Quotes You Need to Hear on a Day That is Shitty AF💩 ...

Uplifting quotes for when you're having a bad day can be just what you need. We all have a bad day from time to time and sometimes the best thing you can do is just go to bed. When that’s not possible, reading uplifting quotes can really help your frame of mind. If you regularly find yourself barely getting to the end of the day, make some time to talk to a professional – you may have depression or anxiety. If bad days are only occasional use these uplifting quotes for when you're having a bad day to perk you up.

1. “Every Day May Not Be Good, but There is Something Good in Every Day”

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This is so true, isn’t it? Next time you have a bad day, try to find the things about it that were good. Maybe you had a really tasty cup of coffee in the morning or you ran into an old friend at the bookstore. Thinking back to the good parts of the day can help you put the whole thing in perspective and it won’t seem so bad after all.

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