Genius Ways to Access Your Inner Wisdom for Girls Getting in Tune with Themselves ...


Genius Ways to Access Your Inner Wisdom  for Girls Getting in Tune with Themselves ...
Genius Ways to Access Your Inner Wisdom  for Girls Getting in Tune with Themselves ...

Get ready for some tips for how to access your inner wisdom. Something that we can all identify with in life are those moments when you are feeling slightly out of your depth, and you turn to someone you love and trust to seek their advice and wisdom. Seeking the wisdom of another person can be valuable at times, but what about the inner wisdom that we all possess? You might not have accessed it for a while, but it is most definitely in there and waiting to be unleashed so that you can help yourself as well as looking to others! Here are some easy tips for how to access your inner wisdom.

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Spend Some Time in Nature

If you want the answer for how to access your inner wisdom, you might find it outside. Getting out into nature can be a relaxing experience that brings you back to the basics. There is also something enlightening about the instinctive wisdom that the natural world possesses that can awaken something in you regarding your instinctive decision making. Perhaps you overthink things too much. You only need to look at nature as inspiration for the fact that sometimes just going with the flow is the best advice.


Free Writing

Free writing can be a really helpful and revolutionary experience. It consists of sitting yourself down with pen and pad and letting your thoughts and feelings flow on the page. Doing this for 20 or so minutes per day can really help you to get your mind in order, and you might find that you start to trust your own instincts more instead of always turning to someone else for a piece of wisdom or advice.


Seek Gentleness

A gentle environment is the best kind of environment you can cultivate in order to give your inner wisdom the best chance to blossom. A gentle environment means that your mind isn’t going to be clouded and confronted with scenarios that are going to prevent it from unleashing its inner wisdom. The more relaxed, safe and comfortable you feel, the more likely you will be to access it.


Find Meaning in Your Story

No matter how your life has turned out or is turning out, make the effort to try to assign meaning to each and every milestone. In the act of searching for meaning in these significant moments, you are exercising and bringing out your inner wisdom without even forcibly trying to conjure it. Sometimes your inner wisdom drives your instincts so you should learn to trust them.

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