Incredibly Motivational Life-Changing Quotes for Girls Who Are Stuck in a Rut ...


Incredibly Motivational Life-Changing Quotes for Girls Who Are Stuck in a Rut ...
Incredibly Motivational Life-Changing Quotes for Girls Who Are Stuck in a Rut ...

There's no right or wrong time to make a change in your life, but when you're stuck in a rut you might need some extra help. The first step is recognizing you are in a rut and that's a plus in itself. However, knowing and accepting something isn't the same as doing something about it. These quotes will inspire you to get moving, to take the next step.

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Turning Back

Thirteen (2003), presentation, horizon, night, font, They say that life is a journey and journeys need roads. Sometimes we take the wrong road. There's no need to keep traveling the same road.Turn around and find another route. There are many different ways to reach your destination.


Swim, Girl, Swim

Dies Natalis 54, Bespoke Magazine, text, person, horizon, The message is obvious. If you don't start swimming, you'll drown. This is a great analogy for the rut you're in. You fell into it, so now it's time to get out.


Life is Painful

Chiambretti Night, person, emotion, book, album cover, Like they say - no pain, no gain. There's nothing to be gained by inactivity or not moving forward. You'll find more pain in doing nothing than in trying and perhaps failing. There's satisfaction in trying but your learn nothing in stagnation.


Don't Stop

person, facial expression, love, emotion, romance, Wise words from the great Chinese philosopher. Decide to make a change and make it. It doesn't matter what pace you move at, the whole point is to get moving and keep moving.


Stop Waiting

text, religion, document, ritual, book, What are you waiting for? What is stopping you from making a change? Yes, it's scary. Life is scary. You can never be ready for everything but sometimes you might be ready and not even realize it. Take a risk! Test yourself.


Be Flexible

I Love Motocross, Gran Plaza, font, stubborn, about, It's fabulous to have goals but if you are stuck in a rut, is it because you are too stubborn or too scared to try something new? Examine new ways to reach your goal - you'll achieve it sooner than you think.


Look to the Future

busuu, person, human action, physical fitness, emotion, You may think that being in a rut means you aren't expending any energy: not so. Being negative is emotionally draining. And if you really are not doing anything, where is your natural energy going? It's such a waste. Focus on the future. Be strong. The next step is right in front of you. You just have to reach for it.


Turn the Page

Chignahuapan, person, religion, emotion, You, Every story has an ending but it doesn't just happen. You have to write your story. You have to build it chapter by chapter, page by page. It's time to turn the page hunny.


Climb the Mountain

text, religion, Because, the, end,, Do you want to live a life of achievement or do you want to coast along, leaving no real legacy. Climb the mountain. It's there. It's not going anywhere. But you can. Climb as many mountains as you like.

Are you now ready to move on and make your rut a thing of the past?

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