11 Challenges to Be a Better You ...


11 Challenges to Be a Better You ...
11 Challenges to Be a Better You ...

Be a better you than you were yesterday. Amidst the various types of challenges that you can undertake from fitness challenge to even funny ones like the cinnamon challenge, why not challenge yourself to be a better you? Striving to become better not only benefits you but those around you as well! That’s a win-win situation!

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Compliment Yourself

If the act itself of showing love to others makes you feel good, imagine what it can do if you turn that love towards yourself. Look in the mirror and point out what you like about yourself instead of nit-picking your flaws. Pat yourself on the back when you get something right or when you are proud with yourself. Do this every day. Be a better you by starting with yourself!


Compliment a Random Stranger

I absolutely love it when random strangers come up to compliment me. It’s so heart-warming when someone who doesn't know you at all takes the time to walk up to you and say something nice. "I love your shoes!" "I love the colour of your hair!" Ahh, random compliments are the best and you always leave people smiling ear to ear when you say something nice. Be genuine about it though!


Fall in Love with Yourself

You need to learn to love yourself. No, not because no one will love you until you learn to love yourself which is not true by the way. Love yourself and you will breathe positivity into your being. You will soon learn that though you can fake confidence nothing beats the sweet fierceness of true confidence. Go to the movies alone or sit in the park by yourself and fall in love with your own company, fall in love with yourself.


Journal Your Thoughts

Choose a form to express yourself. Write it out, sing your heart out or capture your emotions through photography. Expressing your thoughts is wonderfully liberating. It’s better than bottling it up till it festers into self-destructive habits. You are human and it’s alright to feel but negative emotions need to be set free.


Stay off Social Media

Try it for a day and see what you can accomplish. Every time you have the urge to check for updates or tweet, find something else productive to do. Read a book instead or observe your surroundings and look for the little blessings you would have missed if it were not for your smartphone.


Remember Your Basic Manners

Hold the door for someone behind you and thank the cashier who is bagging your groceries. Don’t let your basic manners fly out of the door just because you are so busy or wrapped up in your own thoughts. It doesn't take much to be a better person and it sure doesn't take a lot of time to remember your manners. Don’t forget your please and thank you’s. It could brighten someone’s day!


Let Someone Cut in Line

Notice someone behind you in line with just one item or an elderly folk waiting in a long line? Offer them to take your spot instead if you are not in a rush. Kind deeds go a long way and everyone needs a little kindness shown to them even in the simplest forms.


Do a Good Deed and Keep It a Secret

It’s no secret that doing nice things for others makes you feel good about yourself. There’s no harm in that! But wanting to feel good shouldn't be the basis for doing kind deeds. It should be about wanting others to feel just as swell. If the only one who knew about your kindness was you, would you still do it? Do a good deed and keep it a secret. If someone finds out, it doesn't count.


Do Something for the First Time

Move outside your comfort zone. It’s scary but you need to push yourself to find what else you are capable of. Step outside your self-created boundaries and let you courage peak to a new level. Who’s to say you will love it or hate it? Maybe you will and maybe you won’t. There’s only one way to find out!


Do Something You Love

Read a book, binge watch your favourite show or take a long warm bath with scented candles. Just take time to do something you love! Revel in the joy and tranquility it brings you and realise how much better it makes you feel. Only when you care for yourself, you can care for others. It takes strength and true character to be selfless but it’s also wise to know when to step back and re-charge you batteries.


Eat It and Don’t Feel Guilty

Enjoying food seems almost like a sin with countless of magazines telling you how skinny you should be or how many gazillion calories one spoon of ice-cream has. Food is delicious. Savour it and don’t let guilt get in the way of that! Just remember to practice moderation and you will be fine. So eat a slice of cheesy pizza with your favourite toppings and don’t you dare feel guilty about it!

You don’t have to wait till New Year’s to set resolutions. Every day is a new day and another chance to be a better person! So here’s to you and here’s to the best you are yet to be. Are you ready to rise to the challenge to be a better you?

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Sorry to hear about you loss @Kulsoom. May you find the strength you need.

love it

this is pretty good. :)

I love this post!! I needed this on so many levels. I lost my father and went through a breakup of a 5 yr long relationship all in a span of 2 weeks. I started doing most of this and I’m hopeful it will help me in my new journey ahead

i ❤️this !

Absolutely loved this article! Great indeed.

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