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7 Things to Love about Being an Aquarius ...

By Alicia

There are many things to love about being an Aquarius. If you're an Aquarius then you've got a lot of amazing personality traits. While not every characteristic of your horoscope may fit you, it's likely that you'll find several that do. These are some of the best things to love about being an Aquarius.

1 You're Very Sociable

Aquarius individuals are very sociable. You love to mingle and get to know new people. You're usually good with names and faces which adds to your ability to make friends easily. You enjoy learning about new people and sharing things about yourself. You also treasure your friendships and the time you can share with friends. Being sociable is one of the things to love about being an Aquarius.

2 You're Original

An Aquarius isn't likely to feel the pressure to follow along with the crowd. You're quite original. You feel very comfortable in your own skin and with being who you are. The ability to be original is something that draws others to you. In fact, it's not unusual for others to take inspiration from your unique ideas.

3 You're Open-minded

Everyone loves someone that's open-minded and Aquarius individuals are well-known for this trait. You have the ability to listen to someone else's story and not be automatically judgmental. You're also open to new and unusual possibilities that may present themselves in your life. Because of this, you experience more of what life has to offer. This makes for some excitement others would miss out on.

4 You've Got a Compassionate Heart

Aquarians have a compassionate heart toward others. This's especially true toward those that're in need. You love to help with charities or donate when you can. You understand that others get down on their luck and love it when you can do something to help them. You're also great about helping out a friend in need. In return, your friends are often anxious to repay those favors any way they can.

5 You Can Stand up for Yourself

While you have a soft heart, you also don't let others run over you. You can be tough when you need to be and that's a good trait to have. You know how to stand up for yourself. This is a skill that many people struggle to learn but it comes easily to you. While it's never pleasant to deal with the confrontation that comes with standing up for yourself, you can do it when the situation calls for it.

6 You're Intelligent

If you're an Aquarius then you're most likely very intelligent. Aquarians are known for their clever mind and sharp thinking skills. It's very likely that you have a good memory and learn things quickly. Many times you can do something after only seeing it done once. With those abilities you can take on many different sorts of careers.

7 You're Okay Being Alone

You're one of the few horoscope signs that're sociable but also enjoy your alone time. You're perfectly okay with either which is awesome. Most people prefer one or the other but you enjoy both. You've learned to value the time you get to be alone and have only your thoughts for company. You probably have some interesting hobbies that you enjoy doing in your time alone.

These are 7 things to love about being an Aquarius. Are some of them true for you? I'd love to hear what you think.

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