7 Sagittarius Traits That Present a Challenge and How to Overcome Them ...


7 Sagittarius Traits That Present a Challenge and How to Overcome Them ...
7 Sagittarius Traits That Present a Challenge and How to Overcome Them ...

The Sagittarius sign is one with many positive traits but like every sign, there are a few specific traits that can present a challenge. It’s good to be aware of what they are so that you can work toward overcoming them. Just like you may not have every positive trait of the Sagittarius sign, you may not have every challenging trait, either. Read through and work on only the ones that apply to you.

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Sagittarius individuals can struggle with being patient. It may be that you find yourself being impatient with your children, your coworkers or just the everyday annoying situations of life. It’s difficult to be patient all the time and that’s totally understandable. There are things you can do to help yourself work on this challenging trait, though. One simple thing you can do is to take a deep breath when you’re starting to feel impatient.


Being Superficial

Sometimes a Sagittarius can get hung up on appearances. And it’s not a bad thing to care what you look like or what your home or car looks like. It’s good to want things to look nice. But you can get too concerned about those things. This is something you can manage by working on keeping a balanced view.


Being a Bit Too Blunt

Honesty is something that not nearly enough people have. If you’re an honest person, then that’s to your credit. The trouble comes in when your honesty pushes you to bluntness. You may accidentally hurt the feelings of those you care about most. You can work on this challenging trait by making it a point to think before you speak.



A Sagittarius can struggle with being irresponsible at times. It’s a small challenge that can be easily overcome if you want to do so. Generally, the irresponsibility that a Sagittarius has is because they’ve got their plate too full of obligations. Paring down and getting your priorities in line can help. This is also something that you can outgrow as you become an adult.


Easily Bored

Sagittarius individuals like to be actively engaged in whatever they’re doing. You want something to hold your interest. Boredom can easily set in if you’re a Sagittarius. You’re likely to change your college major several times before you truly know what you want to do. The good thing is that once you discover where your passion lies then you’re completely devoted to it.



It’s good to be aware that this one may be an issue for you. It’s good to be confident but it’s not good to be overconfident. Confidence says that you know you can do this. Overconfidence says that you can do it better than anyone else and borders on arrogance. Being aware that this may be a temptation for you can keep you from falling into it.


Avoidance of Important Issues

You know what I’m talking about don’t you? As a Sagittarius, you probably don’t like to deal with a lot of things. Because you’re so generally optimistic, dealing with the reality of unpleasant situations is something you’d rather avoid if you could. But the good thing is that you do have the ability to do it. It’s simply a matter of making yourself handle the situation at hand.

These are some challenging traits you may have if you’re a Sagittarius. Which of them do you see in yourself? I’d love to hear from you.

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Yes definitely true

It's scary that I literally have every single one of these traits

I can relate to all of them except the 'irresponsible' trait. Thank you for the article! For a reminder that these traits are manageable indeed!

I get bored, I am impatient, I am forthright (blunt is such a negative word), and I have a PhD in avoidance. I am extremely responsible and not very confident.

Oh God -_- I do have every one of these traits!

This is me!

My fiancée and daughter are both Sagittarius'

I am a sagi and I think most of the traits go with my personality...thanks for showing the mirror!

Very accurate!

♐️sometimes honesty puts me into the trouble too

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