7 Challenging Libra Traits and How to Overcome Them ...

By Alicia

Libras have many lovely personality traits but like all horoscope signs, they also have some challenging traits. Thankfully, being aware of them is the first step to overcoming them. Like all horoscope traits, it’s probable that you’ll have some but not all of them. Just focus on the ones that apply to you.

1 Making Hasty Decisions

One Libra trait that can be challenging is that of making hasty decisions. Libras tend to make a lot of decisions on the fly. This isn’t the worst thing in the world but can lead to decisions you later regret. You can overcome this by making it a practice to stop and ponder whatever decision you’re facing for a few moments. It may be a difficult habit to get into but you’ll be glad that you did after you see the benefits.

2 Procrastinating

Libras are not total procrastinators. You’re choosy and tend to have only a couple of areas where you procrastinate. It may be that you procrastinate when it comes to homework or cleaning. It’s probably limited to just one or two things, whatever they are. Promising yourself a fun reward afterward can be the motivation you need to get past your procrastination issues.

3 Being Indecisive

If you don’t struggle with making hasty decisions, then you likely struggle with being indecisive. Like procrastination, this is probably a limited issue. You may struggle with being indecisive in making plans, making purchases or another area in your life. Figuring out what areas are challenging for you to make decisions in is a good step. Once you narrow down what’s difficult for you to decide on, then you can start working on how to be more decisive.

4 Flirting a Bit Too Much

Libras are warm, social creatures that people naturally flock to. This can make it easy to be a little too flirtatious. You may not even mean to come across that way. You may totally intend to only give off a friendly vibe. If you feel like you may seem flirtier than you intend to then work on dialing it back a little.

5 Concealing Your True Feelings

This is a strong Libra trait that most under this horoscope sign struggle with. While you can be social, you also have a side you rarely reveal to others. You’re very reserved about sharing your true feelings. It’s okay that you like privacy in your feelings but it can make it hard for others to understand you. It may be a good decision to work on sharing more of your feelings with those closest to you. This can prevent misunderstandings in your relationships with others.

6 Being a Bit Unreliable

Libras never intend to be unreliable. You’re actually very responsible. You just tend to do one of two things. You come across unreliable because you procrastinate or because you tend to overload your schedule. Making a stronger effort to be reliable can help you. It’s no surprise that Libra is the one whose sign is a picture of scales; you often go to one extreme or the other in a search for balance.

7 Pampering Yourself Too Much

Libras are great at pampering themselves. And while this is something everyone needs in their life, it can be taken too far. Take a step back and evaluate yourself in this. Do you tend to pamper yourself with expensive things even if it means neglecting your bills? Do you ignore your responsibilities to pamper yourself? Those are the signs that you may need to work on this trait.

These are some traits that can be challenging for Libras. Do you see any of them in yourself? Share your thoughts.

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