7 Things to Love about Being a Leo ...

Leo is a great horoscope sign to be. There are many wonderful characteristics that Leos often have in their personalities. You may not have all of these traits but you probably have at least a few. However many that you do have, they’re traits you should love about yourself as a Leo.

1. You’re an Encourager

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Leos are encouragers to all those around them and especially those in their inner circle. Your friends can always count on you to encourage them through difficult situations they’re facing. You’re a great cheerleader when they’re going through tough situations and need some support. This is true even if you’re going through something difficult yourself at the time. You’re the kind of person that’ll set your own problems aside to be there for others.

2. You’re Faithful in Romantic Relationships

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If you’re a Leo, then chances are high that you’re a one-man kind of woman. When you enter into a committed relationship you’re committing with all of your heart. The only man for you is the one you’re with. You give your whole heart away when you fall in love. Whoever is lucky enough to end up with you is getting quite the prize.

3. You’re Forgiving

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After you have an argument with someone you’re able to forgive and forget. This’ll be beneficial to you in many ways in your life. Holding a grudge is never a good thing to do and ends up hurting the person holding the grudge the most. Having the ability to forgive easily means that you won’t be held back by hard feelings in your relationships. This is something that so many people struggle with but you can do almost effortlessly.

4. You’re Energetic

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Leos have tons of energy. They can work circles around many other signs. The only other sign that can really keep up with a Leo in terms of energy is an Aries. A Leo can work a full week, keep up with all the household chores and still find time for shopping with a girlfriend. You don’t often sit still because of all the energy you have.

5. You’re Straightforward

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Leo’s are straight shooters. They’ll speak the truth on any given subject. And in a world that’s full of people that aren’t truthful, that’s refreshing. You’d rather tell someone a truth that’s a bit hurtful than comfort them with lies. People know this about you and appreciate that you’re always be honest with them.

6. You’re Sharp

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To say you’re intelligent doesn’t quite cover it. You’re more than that; you’re sharp. Nothing gets past you. You’re always on the up with what’s going on in school, work or in your relationships. You have an almost uncanny ability to catch onto things immediately. You can put things together in your mind that others don’t always seem able to.

7. You Love Giving to Others

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Leos have a very giving nature. You would rather give a gift than receive one any day. You enjoy shopping for others and making them feel special on their birthday or on any special occasion. But it goes further than that. You have a heart for those that’re in need. You’ll always open your check book for a good cause without feeling any resentment.

These are 7 traits to love about yourself if you’re a Leo. Do you see any of these traits in yourself? I’d love to hear from you.

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